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Kitar Teliti Introduces New Size for Roadone RA95 Tyre

Kitar Teliti Roadone RA95

Kitar Teliti has introduced a new size – 295/80R22.5-18PR of Roadone RA95 tyre to the Malaysian market recently.

Roadone RA95 Now Available in 3 Sizes

Kitar Teliti has brought in a new size – 295/80R22.5-18PR, in addition to the current sizes of 265/70R19.5 -18PR and 12.00R20- 20PR for its Roadone RA95 tyre.

Designed for short, middle and long distance transportation on paved road, the Roadone RA95 is an all-position truck tyre, suitable for the heavy duty truck tyre. It features a unique three-line longitudinal groove, plus a variable angle profile contour design that offers excellent resistance in groove cracking, puncture and abnormal wear,” says founder, Cher Guan Chun.

The tyre boasts a specific tread compound, he continues, that is specifically developed for heavy loads with low heat build-up. Its specially formulated rubber compound prevents tyre tears, pattern block tears, while reducing the risk of rapture at the shoulder area, chipping, groove cracking and crown separation…….

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Kitar Teliti 推出陆通RA95 全新尺寸

Kitar Teliti在陆通RA95的现有尺寸265/70R19.5 -18PR和12.00R20- 20PR外,引进了一个新尺寸 295/80R22.5-18PR。

创办人徐源春表示:“Roadone RA95是一条全轮位卡车轮胎,专为中短及长途铺装公路重载运输设计。它具有独特的三线纵向凹槽,可变角度轮廓设计,防沟裂、穿孔及畸形磨耗。”



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