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KLIMS’18 Hypes up Advertising & Promotion Campaign, Launches Car Prizes for visitors

Lucky KLIMS’ visitors would get to drive home a Toyota C-HR, Honda City and Perodua Myvi.

KLIMS’18 Hypes up Advertising & Promotion Campaign 

The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), organiser of the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2018 (KLIMS’18), launched an extensive advertising and promotion campaign and announced the grand lucky draw prizes for visitors in a ceremony officiated by Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia.

KLIMS’18 is identified as one of the events in Malaysia’s Tourism calendar of functions and festivals 2018. The extensive advertising and promotion campaign is set to generate hype for the motor show through print, digital, broadcast and outdoor channels with an estimated RM7 million in expenditure.

The KLIMS’18 Visitors’ Lucky Draw grand prizes that were unveiled are three cars from the top marques in Malaysia – Toyota, Honda and Perodua. Lucky visitors would get to drive home a Toyota C-HR, Honda City and Perodua Myvi. Every entrance ticket purchased would stand a chance of winning these exciting new cars.

Datuk Aishah Ahmad, President of MAA, said: “After a five-year hiatus since the previous KLIMS, the automotive industry players are ready to bring Malaysia’s iconic motor show back with exciting exhibits and attractions to capture the attention of motoring enthusiasts and the public. KLIMS’18 is the country’s launch pad for new passenger car models, bikes and commercial vehicles. A number of Concept cars are making their way to the show. Innovative automotive products would also be introduced to visitors at KLIMS’18.”

Datuk Aishah added: “Visitors to KLIMS’18 would experience an overhauled KLIMS from preceding events. There are new attractions such as vehicles developed and imagined by students from our country’s universities, display of exotic vehicles, the longest limousine in Malaysia and fancy customised art on bikes and vehicles. The new venue for KLIMS’18 at MITEC would also give visitors an interesting visiting experience.”

KLIMS’18 entrance tickets are now available for online purchase at AirAsia Red Tix with attractive promotions. Each online purchase of KLIMS’18 entrance ticket is entitled to one entry of fortnightly draws to win AirAsia return flight tickets to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali, Taipei, Jakarta and Shanghai. In addition, every online purchase of KLIMS’18 entrance ticket is also entitled to the grand draw of AirAsia return flight ticket to Tokyo.

KLIMS’18 entrance fees are RM20 for adults on weekdays and RM25 on weekends; RM5 for students and children 12 years and below on weekdays and weekends. There is also a family package of RM40 on weekdays and RM50 on weekends for a family with up to 5 children aged 12 and below.

KLIMS’18 would be held from 23rd November to 2nd December at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) with the theme ‘Beyond Mobility’. The opening hours are 11am to 10pm on weekdays and 10am to 10pm on weekends. Follow KLIMS’18 Facebook page to win monthly giveaways and tickets.





2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展(KLIMS’18)主办单位大马汽车协会(MAA)在一场由旅游丶艺术及文化部长拿督莫哈末丁可达比(Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi)主持的仪式上,推介大规模广告与促销活动,同时宣布访客幸运抽奖最大奖奖品。 

2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展已被纳入 “2018年大马观光旅游活动与节庆行事历” 。2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展的大规模广告与促销活动,将以约700 万令吉的预算在印刷丶数码丶广播以及户外管道上大肆宣传该汽车展。 


大马汽车协会会长拿督艾莎(Aishah Ahmad)说:“自上一次吉隆坡国际汽车展中断5年后,汽车业界业者也已准备好重新举办这个标志性的大马汽车展,我们将以精彩的展出品以及各种有趣的事物吸引汽车迷和一般民众的注意力。2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展是大马新轿车丶摩哆以及商用汽车的推介平台。该展会也将展出数辆概念车,和为访客介绍创意的汽车产品。” 


有意者可前往AirAsia Red Tix网络购买2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展优惠入场券。每在网络购买1张入场券就有机会参加每两周一次的抽奖,奖品包括曼谷丶香港丶峇里岛丶台北丶雅加达以及上海亚航(AirAsia)来回机票。另外,每在网络购买1张车展入场券,便有机会参加亚航东京来回机票大奖抽奖。 


2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展将于11月23日至12月2日展出,地点是大马国际贸易会展中心(MITEC),主题为 “造极登峰” (Beyond Mobility)。平日的开放时间从早上11点至晚上10点,周末则从早上10点至晚上10点。浏览2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展面子书专页,以赢取每月的礼品和门票。





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