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Kumho Gains ‘iF Design Award 2022’

The Kumho Ecsta HS52 and Fin-Sread are the winners of the iF Design Award 2022.

Kumho Tire Wins Global Design Award Again

The Kumho Ecsta HS52 and Fin-sread are winners in the the automobiles/vehicles category at the “iF Design Award 2022” (International Forum Design Award 2022) in Germany.

The features of the Ecsta HS52 are designed to provide drivers with a comfortable driving experience and high safety, making it suitable for both premium sedans and sports vehicles. By applying a solid block design to the tread pattern design, the road friction pressure is kept constant when the tyre is grounded to the road surface, reducing impact and noise and improving ride comfort. In addition, the strengthen tyre shoulder blocks provide the handling performance and stable driving performance.

With the development of autonomous driving, automobiles are turning into a moving living space, not just a means of transportation. Fin-Sread is new electronic tyre platform based on the airless construction. The airless structure reduces the accident because there is no puncture, and the independent control of each unit takes care of the road surface perfectly, maximising a comfortable ride. The centre unit actively blocks out noise, creating quiet space.

Head of Kumho Tire R&D Division, Cho Mansik said: “As the electrification of vehicles accelerates, components are rapidly being advanced. Tyres will be developed to create synergy with other devices, and will be built to transcend existing limitations. We continue to reflect Kumho‘s future-oriented vision and value in our products.”

Kumho Tire won all four major global design awards – the German iF Design Awards, the North American IDEA, the German Red Dot Design Awards, and the Japanese Good Design Awards –  last year. As a result, they showed not only the technology of the product but also the excellent design ability to the world. 

The iF Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards. Organised in Germany since 1953, the iF seal signifies good design, for consumers and the design community. An independent jury of international design experts meets to determine award-winning designs, based on a set of objective screening standards. 



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