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Kumho Tyre Secures Mercedes-Benz OE Deal Again

The Kumho Solus KL21 is seen as a well-balanced SUV tyre with ‘outstanding driving comfort’.

Kumho Solus KL21 Tyres on the New G-Klasse SUV  

Having provided OE tyres to the predecessor of the Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse, Kumho continues to fit the latest G-Klasse generation with the Kumho 265/60 R18 110H Solus KL21 SUV tyres ex-factory at the Austrian Graz. 

The Kumho Solus KL21 is seen as a well-balanced SUV tyre with ‘outstanding driving comfort’. The new High Dispersible Micro Silica tread compound is said to stand for maximum grip on wet and dry roads. Kumho says the rolling resistance optimised Solus KL21 also ‘guarantees’ a well-balanced handling as well as superior mileage. 

Kumho Tyre is an OE supplier at Mercedes-Benz for more than 10 years. As the first Korean tyre maker ever to fulfil such a role, Kumho started out in 2007 by providing the homologated tyre Solus KH15 MO in size 185/65 R15 88H for the former Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse

Junro Song, President of Kumho Tire Europe GmbH, said: “We are happy fitting again the new Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse from now on ex-factory with our SUV tyre Solus KL21. The contract reflects our performance in developing as well as manufacturing tyres. Thanks to this close cooperation, Kumho could achieve a technical know-how that only a few tyre makers could. Developing and testing tyres for next generation cars means that we have to experiment with the latest technology and materials to design ever lighter tyres or tyres with better rolling resistance as requested by the car makers. It also means designing tyre sizes that are not available yet today. That knowledge helps in improving actual products by using optimised compounds. That’s why we plan to intensify our cooperation with Mercedes-Benz in the future.”




继为上一代马赛地G级(G-Klasse)提供原配胎后,锦湖再次为最新的马赛地G级休旅车(SUV)提供在奥地利工厂生产,规格为265/60 R 18 110 H 的舒乐驰( Solus) KL21休旅车轮胎。

锦湖舒乐驰( Solus) KL21轮胎是条均衡,拥有卓越驾驶舒适性的休旅车轮胎。其高分散性微硅胶(High Dispersible Micro Silica tread compound) 据说拥有强大的湿地和干地抓地力。锦湖说,具有优化滚动阻力的舒乐驰KL21 轮胎可保障均衡的操控和卓越的里数。

锦湖轮胎是马赛地原配胎供应商已有超过10年的历史。作为韩国第一家为马赛地供应原配胎的轮胎制造商,锦湖与马赛地的缘分始于2007年,那是它第一次为马赛地A级轿车提供舒乐驰KH15 MO ,规格为185/65R15 88H规格的原配胎。

锦湖轮胎商品开发部Junro Song常务表示:“我们很开心能够再次为马赛地新款G级休旅车安装上舒乐驰KL21休旅车轮胎。此合约反映了我们在轮胎研发与制造方面的表现。此次的密切合作,将使锦湖达到只有少数轮胎制造商所具有的专门技术知识。而 为下一代的汽车研发和测试轮胎,意味着我们必须对最新的科技和原材料进行试验,设计出汽车制造商所要求的更轻量化,拥有更好的滚动阻力的轮胎。这也包含设计出目前市面上没有的轮胎尺寸。这方面的知识将有助于我们透过优化的复合胶料改善实际产品。这正是我们计划在未来加强与马赛地合作的原因。”


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