JianxinTyre Finds New Ways to Create Prosperity During Difficulties


Established in 2010, located in Nige Industrial Park YongAn City and covering an area of 400,000 square metres, JianxinTyre (Fujian) Co, Ltd is a professional enterprise dedicated to research and development, manufacturing and marketing TBR series and rubber goods. After years of development and improvements, JianxinTyre has become one of the leading enterprises with the most complete product range in the Chinese tyre industry.

JianxinTyre Looking for New Ways to Move Forward

Its subsidiary factories manufacture inner tubes for bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, buses and trucks as well as produce tyre retreading materials. Among these factories, the leading one is Jianxin Rubber (Fujian) Co, Ltd that produces retreading materials, including tread rubber and cushion gum. It has an annual production of more than 50,000 tonnes, accounting for more than 50 per cent share in the domestic market. The mileage of Jianxin’s rubber tread is said to reach 80 per cent of the imported tyres. With this stable quality, Jianxin’s rubber tread has become the only brand preferred by many end-users in China.

When the tyre industry sank into a depressed state in 2014 and 2015, many tyre factories faced possible bankruptcy. It was during this crisis that JianxinTyre was started in 2014 to enter the tyre market and the decision makers’ determination and resolution were duly respected and admired. They realised that low prices and low quality tyres could only hold momentary appeal but not in the long run. With high quality and high cost performance tyres being urgently needed in the market, this became the trend in the tyre industry development.

Accepting the importance of manufacturing work craft and equipment to produce more environment-friendly, longer mileage, frequently retreadable, safe and higher cost performance tyres, the company invested heavily to employ a professional technology-based managing team and highly skilled workers, and introduced the most advanced equipment. This included the complete set of rubber calenders from Italy (ComerioErcole company) that costs RMB60,000,000. The computer-operated ca-lender enjoys high automation by carrying rubber automatically and inspecting thickness automatically. JianxinTyre also acquired liquid press curing machine with high accuracy, good stability and precise repeat positioning, tyre air pocket (tyre bubble) inspection machine, tyre dynamic balance machine, X-ray inspection machine, and other precise inspection machines.

The TBR produced by JianxinTyre is hailed as an important provincial project and the local government gave its support through favourable policies on tax, applying certificates, among others. Moreover, Jianxin Rubber has more than 20 years of experience in the TBR retreading field and more than 600 loyal retreading customers. With this established network, JianxinTyre could produce tyres and deliver them to be sold to end-users, thereby cutting cost significantly. The JianxinTyre factory is very near a power producing plant and can take the advantage of the steam and ensure heat all year around. Compared with other factories that produce steam themselves, JianxinTyre can save US$4 per tyre without requiring steam production and management.

When JianxinTyre first entered the tyre market, many retreading customers had high expectations of the company, while some were doubtful of its capability. After a year of field testing, JianxinTyre achieved satisfactory results and tyre distributors from different provinces and cities wanted to become its dealers. In 2015, JianxinTyre ventured into the international market. With its strong casing and appealing appearance, Jianxintyres are said to be loved by many professional buyers when displayed in exhibitions. Through testing and trial orders, customers were said to be very satisfied with its abrasion, casing quality and outlook. To-date, JianxinTyre has dealer agreements with Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zambia, UAE, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and many other countries.

During the economic crisis in the tyre industry, JianxinTyre overcame the many difficulties and succeeded in finding a new way to produce high quality and high performance tyres. So far, it has achieved its first goal of producing 1,500,000 tyres and it is now well into its second production target. It is estimated that in the second half of 2018 to 2019, it will achieve its third goal of producing 3,000,000 tyres. JianxiTyre says that it is being recognised by more and more customers and that has fulfilled its initial objective. Now, it firmly believes that it will establish a strong name and reputation in the global tyre industry.

Fortune EverlinkSdnBhd is the distributor of Jianxintyres in Malaysia.

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