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New Jianxin Tyres and Sizes for Malaysian Market

Jianxin Tyres Malaysian Market

Jianxin was among the many Chinese tyre manufacturers that participated in the CITEXPO 2017. This year, its Malaysian distributor Fortune Everlink was present to show support.

Jianxin Introduces New Tyres and Sizes for the Malaysian Market

“We have some new patterns such as JX287for light truck, JX268 super single tyre (385/65R22.5) and a new size, 215/75R/17.5 for JX289, and JX159 of 245/70/19.5 size ,”said Jianxin Tyre (Fujian) Co, Ltd Sales Manager Brave Cai.

Designed exclusively for heavy loads, the JX268 super single tyre is an all-position radial tyre suitable for trucks that offers ‘excellent’ impact resistance and reduces fatigue. ‘Outstanding’ high speed performance and durability are achieved through its four straight line tread pattern design. It is said to serve best for medium haul loads on paved roads. Features include a new design casing, unique rubber compound, low heat and high in mileage, thanks to its unique rubber compound formulation. Thus, he said, the JX268 was widely used by the logistics industry.

The JX289, he said, was recommended for express buses, coaches and long haul container trucks on good condition paved roads. It had a specially blended compound for better durability, reasonable tread size and good distribution for more uniform wear. Other features included the four straight groove design with sipes to offer handling stability, comfort and low noise. It also came with specially formulated rubber compound to reduce heat generation and increase durability, and specially designed grooves that prevent stone from being trapped between treads.

“The JX159 is for long distance, high speed travel and good road condition for drive axle on trucks and vans. It offers many advantages, including excellent wear resistance due to the wide and deeper tread design, special blocky pattern design for good driving and braking performance and excellent durability of the carcass for multiple retreading.”

Cai pointed out that for the Malaysian market, high load capacity, durability, high mileage and retreadabilty were the general expectations. All these, he said, could be fulfilled by JianXin as ‘we have a wide range of products’. In addition, he stressed that the company’s products were covered by warranty for manufacturing defects.

Also worth mentioning, he said, was that Jianxin truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres were very well received in Korea.

“We entered Korea’s TBR market about 3 years ago. Today, our products have gained the market’s confidence. The general feedback regarding our TBR tyres is that they are safe, comfortable, fuel economical and environment friendly.”

The company’s products were widely exported to Southeast Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East. “Malaysia is a potential market for us and with the Chinese tyre import duty that is expected to be reduced to 5 per cent next year, we are expecting better prospects next year,” he added.

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