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#Live2Drive with Continental Tyre Malaysia Steered to Successful Adventure Across Two Continents

Live2Drive Continental Tyre Malaysia

The #Live2Drive team made a lifetime travelling from Malaysia to Europe in classic Volkswagen vehicles using Continental tyres make it safely back home.

#Live2Drive Uses Continental Tyres for a Lifetime Adventure

The #Live2Drive team of local professionals who made an adventure of a lifetime travelling from Malaysia to Europe in classic Volkswagen (VW) vehicles using Continental tyres made it safely back after clocking more than 52,000 kilometres of road travel.

In a press conference recently at its premises in Petaling Jaya, Continental Tyre Malaysia (CTM) shared that the #Live2Drive team covered 30 countries over eight months and around 607 hours of driving on the road.

CTM Managing Director and Head of Continental’s ASEAN Region for BU PLT Replacement APAC Cameron Wilson said: “We are delighted to welcome the #Live2Drive team back to Malaysia and are proud of how the team managed to inspire those they meet as well as their contribution to the community along the way.”

CTM is also pleased that the robustness and durability of Continental tyres successfully took the #Live2Drive team safely across various terrain and roads that could get rough in some places. Along the way, fans who recognised the Continental brand as well as those who were keen on classic cars came to meet and cheer the team along. This reaffirms the premise that Continental tyres are trusted the world over for quality, performance and German technology,” Wilson added.

One of the #Live2Drive team members, Cliften Nathaniel shared his experience: “Driving through what was a ‘cold summer’ on summer tyres was beyond my expectations. Cold summer is like driving up really high altitudes with cold temperatures, rough hard-off roads as well as through snow and on some icy roads. Despite all that, the tyres performed fantastically and made us wanting to keep driving. I used two different sets of Continental tyres, 185/65/15 and 215/55/17, for my Kombi. Apart from the comfort, they also handled well in wet conditions and allowed me more confidence when driving through the continents in a classic car.”

ComfortContact 6 and UltraContact 6 tyres were used throughout the journey by the #Live2Drive team who drove in three VW Combi and a VW Beetle.




大马马牌轮胎(CTM) 在近日于其位于八打灵再也总部的记者会上分享说,#Live2Drive团队在8个多月里拜访了30个国家。 在路上行驶 了近607个小时。

CTM 董事经理兼亚太东盟区BU PLT替换轮胎主管威尔森(Cameron Wilson)说:“我们欢迎#Live2Drive安全抵达马来西亚,并为他们在旅途中激励的人和对社区所做的贡献而骄傲。”


纳撒尼尔(Cliften Nathaniel),#Live2Drive团队成员之一分享他的经验:“以夏天轮胎在“寒夏”里行驶,是我们意料之外的事。寒夏就如行驶在高纬度的低温地区、艰难的越野 、雪地和结冰的道路上。尽管如此,轮胎的表现非常好,让我们只想不停地行驶。我的Kombi采用两款马牌轮胎,185/65/15 和215/55/17。除了舒适性,它们的湿地性能极佳,让我能够充满信心开着我的经典老车跨越两大洲。”

#Live2Drive在他们整个旅程中采用的两款轮胎是ComfortContact 6 和UltraContact 6 ,分别安装在3辆大众Combi和一辆大众Beetle上。

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