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The new Mercedes-Benz GLC will be equipped with Continental tyres in summer and winter

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC is factory-fitted with the most sustainable tyres from Continental, such as the EcoContact 6 Q model.

The EcoContact 6 Q Model Has Been Specifically Designed for this Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz is equipping its new GLC compact SUV with Continental tyres. All available engine types – petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid models – will be fitted with Continental’s EcoContact 6 Q as standard. This tyre offers maximum efficiency performance: long tyre life, low fuel consumption and very low rolling noise.

Continental has developed the EcoContact 6 Q for an exceptionally energy-efficient ride for a wide range of vehicle models, regardless of their traction type. This is achieved thanks to a special rubber compound that reduces energy absorption through the tyre while the vehicle is in motion, while reducing friction and rolling resistance. In addition, Continental has optimised the tyre’s tread, thus further reducing rolling noise. The EcoContact 6 Q also offers an exceptionally long service life, excellent braking performance and superior handling, thanks to its specially modified blocks, sipes and side grooves.

Continental WinterContact TS 850 P Ensures Safety During the Winter Months

To ensure safe journeys during winter, GLC drivers can purchase the WinterContact TS 850 P from Mercedes-Benz tyre dealers and Mercedes-Benz dealers. This winter tyre, which has been approved by Mercedes-Benz for its GLC model, ensures precise handling at low temperatures on both dry and wet roads. It also provides a solid grip in snowy terrains.The Continental EcoContact 6 Q, WinterContact TS 850 P, and ProContact GX can be purchased at several tyre dealers located in different countries. All three tyres are also available for many other car brands and models.

The following tyres and tyre sizes have been approved for the new Mercedes-Benz GLC in several countries:

EcoContact 6 Q, 235/60 R 18 103W
EcoContact 6 Q, 235/55 R 19 105W XL
EcoContact 6 Q, 255/50 R 19 107W XL
EcoContact 6 Q, 255/45 R 20 105W XL
EcoContact 6 Q, 285/40 R 20 108W XL
WinterContact TS 850 P, 235/55 R 19 105H XL
WinterContact TS 850 P, 255/55 R 18 109H XL
WinterContact TS 850 P, 235/60 R 18 103H SL

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