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Speed Tire and Car Service Centre Joins Hankook Masters Programme

Speed Hankook Masters Programme

Johor-based Speed Tire and Car Service Centre started selling Hankook tyres in October 2017. Its relationship with Hankook grew and flourished leading the company into the Hankook Masters programme early this year.

Hankook Masters Programme Joined by Speed Tire and Car Service Centre

“We heard a lot of positive feedback from our friends who are also in the tyre servicing industry regarding Hankook; Not only about product quality but also the strong support from Hankook Tire Malaysia. I would say we made the right decision to sell Hankook tyres as this enables us to provide wider options for our customers,” said owner Kiyu Yok Huat.

Kiyu admitted that his decision was somehow influenced by friends. “Many industry friends have become Hankook’s brand ambassadors; they shared with me the various benefits of joining the Hankook Masters programme. Healthy margins and strong marketing support are the two key attractions that convinced us. Furthermore, there were no other Hankook Masters outlets in our area and being the only Hankook Masters in Kota Tinggi is surely an advantage.”

After putting up the Hankook Masters signage, he noticed an increasing number of young drivers visiting the company’s centre.

“Apart from budget constraint, the younger consumers are more receptive and open to new tyre brands. Hankook is considered quite new compared to the major brands in the market. These consumers are increasingly looking at the value proposition and performance of the tyre. With good quality and performance as well as reasonable pricing, Hankook tyres have drawn considerable attention from the younger motorists.”

Other benefits that the company enjoyed were the marketing and promotion activities by Hankook Malaysia to increase brand awareness. He said these investments from Hankook helped Speed Tire sell its tyres and services better.

“We also benefited from the various training sessions. From these sessions, we know Hankook products better as well as the company’s developments and directions,” he added.

Kiyu has been in the tyre industry since 2004 and started by selling second-hand tyres.

Unlike the majority of tyre centres that cover various vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair, Kiyu takes pride in Speed Tire being a tyre fast-fit specialist with 6 employees. “We are a ‘Hankook Masters’ that concentrate solely on tyres, from retail, fitting, balancing, alignment, rotate to repair.”

Moving ahead, he hopes that Hankook Malaysia would bring in more products and organise more roadshows to promote its latest products.

Kiyu also revealed plans to open a new centre for his son. “We are committed to further grow the brand and look forward to continued support from Hankook Malaysia.”

Speed 轮胎及汽车服务中心成为Hankook Masters专门店

新山Speed 轮胎及汽车服务中心从2017年10月开始销售韩泰轮胎。随着该公司与韩泰的关系益发密切,该公司在今年初加入了Hankook Masters的大家庭。

“我们从许多同行里听到了很多有关韩泰的正面反馈。不仅只是产品的品质,还有马来西亚韩泰为代理提供的强大支持。 我认为我们的决定是对的,因为加入了他们之后,我们能够为客户提供更广泛的选择。”东主丘玉发表示。

他承认自己的这个决定在某种程度上的确受到了同行的影响。“我的许多同行朋友都成了韩泰的品牌大使。他们与我分享成为Hankook Masters专门店的许多好处。最吸引我们的两点是稳健的盈利和强大的行销支援。再加上Kota Tinggi除了我们之外没有其它的Hankook Masters专门店也是个肯定的优势。”

在挂上了Hankook Masters的招牌后,他发现前来光顾的年轻驾驶人明显增多了。



“我们也从各种培训课程中获益。 从这些培训中,我们对韩泰公司的发展和方向,以及产品有了更深的了解。”

丘玉发于2004年投身于轮胎行业, 从销售二手轮胎起家。有别于目前大多数包揽各种汽车服务、养护及修理的轮胎服务中心,他非常自豪于将Speed 轮胎发展成为拥有6名员工的快速轮胎更换专家。  “我们是家专注于零售轮胎, 为轮胎进行安装、平衡、定位、对调及修补的Hankook Masters专门店。”



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