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Shandong Fengyuan Displays Four Brands at CITEXPO 2019

Shandong Fengyuan Displays CITEXPO

Fengyuan Tire launched the ‘MONSTA’ colour tyre series,which includes UHP, MT specifications and multiple colour tyre products.

Fengyuan Tire Launches the ‘MONSTA’ Colour Tyre Series

Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co, Ltd is located in the economic development zone of Yicheng, Zaozhuang City, Shandong and a subsidiary of Shandong Energy Zaoshuang Mining Group Co, Ltd. It is a large and modern enterprise that integrates research and development, production and sale of semi steel radial tyres.

Fengyuan Tire brought its four major brands – Farroad, SafeRich, Yuda and ARCRON – to this year’s CITEXPO to showcase the strength of China’s tyres.

The design of the Fengyuan tyre booth was ingenious. The grey-blue booth struck the eye immediately and projected a high-tech and futuristic theme. As one entered the Progress Hall, many visitors were drawn to the eye-catching words ‘The 18th National Quality Award Winners of 2019’ prominently placed on top of the booth.

It must be emphasised that Fengyuan Tire was the only tyre company among the 52 winners of the 18th National Quality Award this year. This award is highly recognised and reflects on Fengyuan Tire brand and product quality.

On the front of the booth, Fengyuan Tire launched the ‘MONSTA’ colour tyre series, which includes UHP, MT specifications and multiple colour tyre products. As soon as the exhibits were unveiled, they attracted the attention of many exhibitors. Its colourful design and ‘excellent’ product quality also appealed to the fans of current modified cars!

In addition, the booth also exhibited a number of star products from Fengyuan Tire, covering a variety of black technology products such as safety tyres, studded snow tyres, MT off-road tyres, white-letter tyres and drift racing tyres. The exhibits with ‘excellent comprehensive performance’ also drew many domestic and foreign customers to stop and negotiate in the hope of establishing a deeper business relationship.

Another noteworthy point is that Fengyuan Tire’s products comply with the China National Military Quality Standard and has obtained a Certificate of Quality Management System for Weaponry and Equipment. This places Fengyuan Tire’s products and service quality in line with the rigid standards required for military products. With the research and development capability for military tyres, it lays a solid foundation for Fengyuan Tire in the future development of military products.


亮相CITEXPO 2019


丰源轮胎本次携远路(Farrroad)、福瑞驰(SafeRich) 、驿达(Yuda) 、Arcron 四大品牌亮相本届CITEXPO轮胎展,展现中国轮胎力量,热情迎接中国海内外嘉宾莅临参观。



展台最前侧展出的是丰源轮胎推出“MONSTA”彩字胎系列,包含 UHP、MT多个规格、多个颜色的轮胎产品。展品一经展出便吸引众多参展观众的注意,它炫彩的外观设计和出色的产品品质将吸引目前改装车爱好者的追捧!



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