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Yokohama Tyres Win 3 New Product Awards at 2019 SEMA

Yokohama Tyres Awards SEMA

Three of Yokohama’s latest tyres swept the ‘Best New Tyre’ category at a leading industry awards in the US.

Yokohama Wins at 2019 SEMA

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., has announced that its tyres won all three of the New Products Awards in the Tire and Related Product category at the recent 2019 SEMA Show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from November 5–8.

“Winning a prestigious SEMA New Product Award is a major achievement, but sweeping the category is unprecedented and a testament to the strides we’ve made in terms of our new products,” said Andrew Briggs, YTC’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.

The Geolandar X-AT was named the winner in the Best New Tire and Related Product category in recognition of its excellence as an SUV/pickup truck tyre, a new category for tyres that enhance the off-road driving experience. In addition to its distinctly rugged appearance as an off-road tyre capable of delivering outstanding performance in the most challenging conditions, the Geolandar X-AT also delivers a comfortable on-road ride and outstanding environmental performance.

The two Runner-up Awards in the same category also went to Yokohama—the Geolandar X-CV highway terrain tyres for high-performance crossover SUVs, and the Advan APEX V601, an ultra-high performance summer tyre. The Geolandar X-CV delivers a safe, comfortable and economic ride and has received the M+S (mud & snow) designation indicating suitability for driving in a sudden snowfall. In addition, all sizes in the tyre’s line-up have received the “W” speed rating that indicates suitability for driving at speeds up to 270km/h. The Advan APEX V601 was developed specifically for the North American market and features the latest high-performance tyre technologies as well as an asymmetric tread pattern reminiscent of that first used on one of the company’s most historically important tyres, the Yokohama A008.



YTC营销和产品管理副总裁安德鲁·布里格斯(Andrew Briggs)表示:“获得SEMA新产品奖是一项重大成就,但在这一类别中席卷全球却是前所未有的,这证明了我们在新产品方面所取得的巨大进步。”

Geolandar X-AT被评为“最佳新轮胎产品”类别的优胜者,以表彰其作为SUV /皮卡车轮胎出色的表现,这是一种增强越野驾驶体验的新轮胎类别。Geolandar X-AT不仅具有越野轮胎的坚固外观,还能够在最严酷的条件下提供出色的性能,而且还具备舒适性和环保性能。

相同类别的两个亚军奖还包括横滨轮胎-用于高性能跨界SUV的Geolandar X-CV公路地形轮胎和超高性能夏季轮胎Advan Apex V601。Geolandar X-CV提供驾驶员安全,舒适和经济的乘车体验,并获得了M + S(三峰雪花)认证,表明它适合在突然降雪的情况下行驶。此外,轮胎阵容中的所有尺寸均获得“ W”速度等级,表明适用于以270km / h的速度行驶。Advan Apex V601是专门为北美市场开发的,具有最新的高性能轮胎技术以及不对称的胎面花纹,使人想起该公司历史上最重要的轮胎之一-横滨A008首次使用的花纹。

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