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Bridgestone Becomes Worldwide Paralympic Partner

Bridgestone Worldwide Paralympic Partner

Bridgestone had become the seventh Worldwide Paralympic Partner. 

Bridgestone Sponsors International Paralympic Committee

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) announced that Bridgestone had become the organisation’s seventh Worldwide Paralympic Partner.

Already a Worldwide Olympic Partner through to 2024, Bridgestone now has global rights to promote and support the Paralympic Movement over the same period.

As a partner in the Paralympic Movement’s highest sponsorship tier, Bridgestone receives global IPC rights in categories that include tyres, tyre services and selected automotive vehicle services, self-propelled bicycles, seismic isolation bearings, and a variety of building and industrial products.

Bridgestone is also a Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Gold Partner and a partner of the Japan, Thailand and USA Paralympic teams. The company has supported several leading international Para athletes, including eight Bridgestone employees who are training to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Increasing its commitment to support the global Paralympic Movement aligns with the company’s ‘Chase Your Dream’ message, which aims to encourage people to overcome obstacles and persevere in pursuit of their goals.

Andrew Parsons, IPC President, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Bridgestone would become the IPC’s seventh Worldwide Paralympic Partner and believe the company’s ‘Chase Your Dream’ message enjoys perfect synergy with the aspirations of the Paralympic Movement and the IPC. Part of the IPC’s vision relates to Para athletes achieving sporting excellence, in effect people with a disability chasing their dreams through Para sport at all levels of competition. By working together, I hope we could empower even more people around the world to chase their own dreams.

“This agreement is also the third of its type since the new IPC IOC agreement was signed in March showing the benefit of the two organisations working together in this area.”

Masaaki Tsuya, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Executive Officer, Bridgestone Corporation, said: “Bridgestone is honoured to become a Worldwide Paralympic Partner and further support the IPC’s important mission to create a more inclusive society through Para sport. Bridgestone is committed to improving the way people move, live, work and play, and our company’s core values of service and diversity are reflected in the Paralympic Movement. Together, we would celebrate the world’s most remarkable athletes and inspire people of all abilities to chase their dreams.”

As part of its ongoing support for the Paralympic Movement, Bridgestone Corporation is applying its tyre and rubber expertise to develop advancements in equipment for Para athletes in Japan, including new rubber soles for prosthetics and rubber grips for gloves.

Through Bridgestone Cycle Co, Ltd. (Bridgestone Cycle) and Bridgestone Sports Co, Ltd (Bridgestone Sports), the company has also provided bicycles, sports equipment and technical support to Para cycling and wheelchair tennis athletes in Japan.






为支持全球残疾人运动,普利司通加大了承诺力度,这与公司“Chase Your Dream(逐梦前行)”的宣言一致。该宣言旨在鼓励人们克服障碍,坚持不懈地追求自己的目标。

国际残疾人奥委会(IPC)总裁帕森斯(Andrew Parsons)表示:“我们非常高兴普利司通将成为IPC在全球范围内第7家残奥会合作伙伴,并坚信普利司通‘逐梦前行’的宣言与残奥运动和国际残疾人奥委会(IPC)的精神完全契合。国际残疾人奥委会(IPC)愿景的一部分就是支持残障运动员取得卓越的体育运动成就,在残奥运动各个级别的比赛中追逐梦想。希望通过共同努力,我们能够鼓励世界上更多的人去追逐自己的梦想。”

“自从3月份签署新的国际残疾人奥委会(IPC) IOC协议以来,此次合作也是同类协议中的第3个,显示出这两个组织在这一领域合作的优势。”

普利司通集团首席执行官兼代表执行官Masaaki Tsuya表示:“普利司通很荣幸成为残奥会全球合作伙伴,并进一步支持国际残疾人奥委会(IPC)的重要使命,即通过残疾人体育运动创造一个更加包容的社会。普利司通致力于改善人们的移动、生活、工作和娱乐方式,公司的服务和多元化的核心价值将体现在残奥运动中。我们将共同祝福世界杰出的运动员,并鼓励所有人勇于追逐梦想。”


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