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Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2019 Reaches New Heights

Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2019

The visitor attendance at the recently concluded Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2019 rose by 24 per cent from 5,677 visitors to 7,033.

Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2019 Concluded Successfully

The 11th edition of Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2019 proved its success in being more than just a platform for sourcing and trading. It created further opportunities in the passenger and commercial vehicle sectors through the exhibition and fringe programmes. Domestic and international visitors from 58 countries across the automotive industry flocked to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) to take part in the fun auto-lifestyle events, conference, seminars and training sessions.

According to the final figures provided by the organiser Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, compared to its previous edition in 2017, the visitor attendance at this 3-day show rose by 24 per cent from 5,677 visitors to 7,033. In addition, the international visitors increased by 16 per cent. Apart from Malaysia, the top ten visiting countries included China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Austria, Egypt, the Philippines and Vietnam. The show attracted participants from a variety of professions including dealers, distributors, service providers, manufacturers, trade association and organisation, universities, among others.

Spread across 9,710sq ft of space in 5 halls, it saw 293 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions presenting their products, innovations and solutions. There were a total of 7 country and region pavilions. Regular exhibitors were Launch Tech, Newera Equipment Supply, Vanli Auto and N.E.S Oil Seal, among others. Companies that made their debut in the show included CPC Tyre, AUTOBACS and CAMEL, to name a few.

Fringe Programme Events Bring Show Themes to Life

An array of fringe programme events amplified many of the region’s rising trends and themes across the show floor. This included the Fleet Management Conference that attracted more than 140 visitors and the Collision Repair Training Workshop that received high praise with more than 200 participants.

Ooi Choon Lim, Managing Director of Maxim Lifestyle Gallery Sdn Bhd, attended the training session and revealed: “I have a newly appointed 4S Peugeot dealership, which means my operation now supports accident repair. As it is a new division, I have come to the training session to learn about new information and techniques. The experience has been very beneficial as the content is relevant and matches my workshop needs. Overall, the training at Automechanika Kuala Lumpur would give my company a competitive edge.”

Additionally, the fringe programme hosted many industry events such as the Camel Power Launch and Federation of Automobile Workshop Owners’ Association of Malaysia (FAWOAM) Annual General Meeting. These events reinforced the evolving direction of the show as it becomes a strategic platform for regional automotive gatherings.

Visitors attending the fringe events also complemented the synergy between the topics discussed and themes around the show floor. For example, the dedicated Truck zone and IoT zone both shone a light on the growing commercial vehicle sector and the way new technology is shaping the automotive industry. This year, nearly 50 per cent of exhibitors showcased products and solutions related to the sector.

The Tyreman Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Tyreman’ is a long standing media partner for Automechanika Kuala Lumpur since its earliest day when it was called Automechanika Malaysia. Just as ‘The Tyreman’ grows along with the tyre and automotive servicing industry while providing timely, informative news and useful technical articles that broaden its reader’s knowledge of the industry, the long term strategic partnership with Automehanika Kuala Lumpur also adds creditability to both parties’ effort and brings mutually beneficial publicity as well as enhances the attendance of exhibitors and audience.

This year, ‘The Tyreman’ celebrated its 50th anniversary at the show with an impressive stand and the official launch of its 50th Anniversary Special Edition by Dr Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of MITI. The Tyreman’s booth was always well frequented and the free magazine giveaways proved very popular.

Also worth mentioning was the first ever Auto NITZ Party with more than 649 partygoers. Sönke Schimkat, Product Manager, Hitachi Automotive Systems Espelkamp GmbH said: “I have been to many Automechanika shows and have never experienced anything quite like this. I came to the exhibition for sourcing, so it was a nice surprise to see this type of entertainment available. It is a unique experience and a great opportunity to unwind after a busy week.”

The next edition of Automechanika Kuala Lumpur would take place between 18th and 20th March, 2021.

2019 Automechanika Kuala Lumpur


第11届吉隆坡国际汽车零配件、维修检测诊断设备及服务用品展览会 (Automechanika Kuala Lumpur) ,成功证明了它不仅仅只是一个采购和贸易平台。它透过展会和各项精彩纷呈的同期活动,进一步加强了乘用车及商用车领域的展示。


据主办方法兰克福(香港)展览有限公司所提供的最后数据显示,相比于2017年的展会,在今年为期3天的展会中,观众人数从5,677人提高至7,033人,同比增长24% 。国际观众增加了16%。 除马来西亚之外,前十位观众来源国家及地区依次为中国、新加坡、印度尼西亚、泰国、中国台湾、南韩、澳大利亚、埃及、菲律宾和越南。观众来自汽车业的各个不同范畴,包括经销商、代理、服务供应商、制造商、车队、商会、行业机构和大专学院等。

来自16个国家及地区的293参展企业,包括7个国家及地区展团,在该整体展示面积达9,710平方米,覆盖5个展厅的展会中,展示他们的产品、创新及解决方案。熟悉的参展公司有元征科技、现代轮胎设备有限公司、万里集团(Vanli)、N.E.S Oil Seal等。首次参展的公司则有CPC轮胎、AUTOBACS及骆驼集团等。


今年,展会突破传统贸易展览会的框架,举办各项精彩纷呈的同期活动,让众多来自本地及世界各地的业内人士共同参与。这包括吸引了140名与会者的车队管理会议和再度回归的汽车碰撞修复培训班同样大获好评,观众对培训班表现涌跃,超过 200 名业界人士到场参加。

培训班的观众Maxim Lifestyle Gallery有限公司常务董事Ooi Choon Lim在课程后表示:“我们最近和一家标致(Peugeot)的4S经销商达成合作协议,这意味着我们的运营团队需要支持事故修复。我特地来了解碰撞修复的最新资讯和技术,以便更好地管理这个新的部门。这里教授的内容很切合门店的需要,有效提升公司的竞争力,令我受益匪浅。”

除此之外,其他在展会平台举行的活动还有骆驼动力发布会和马来西亚汽车修理厂商总会 (FAWOAM) 年会等。这些活动选择在Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 举行,足以印证其已成为区域内重要的行业活动平台。

观众除对同期活动予以赞赏,还对展会的专区和主题表示高度认可。其中,新设立的商用车专区和物联网专区回应了当地快速增长的商用车市场以及物流行业对物联网技术的需求。此外,今年更有多达 50% 的参展企业展示了商用车相关的产品和技术方案。


《轮胎世界》是Automechanika Kuala Lumpur的长期合作媒体伙伴,从该展会早期被称为Automechanika Malaysia 开始便合作至今。就如《轮胎世界》在为轮胎及汽车服务行业提供及时的新闻资讯和有益的技术文章,扩大读者对该行业的知识的同时,与这个行业共同成长;它与Automechanika Kuala Lumpur的策略性合作也增加了双方努力的可信度,带来互利宣传,进而提高了参展企业和观众的出席率。


值得一提的是首次登场的Auto NITZ交流聚会,吸引了超过649名汽车爱好者参加。Hitachi Automotive Systems Espelkamp GmbH的产品经理席姆卡特(Sönke Schimkat)说:“我参加过世界各地的Automechanika展会,但像Auto NITZ的体验还是第一次。我来这里主要是为了采购汽车配件,很惊喜看到还有娱乐性丰富的活动。这是一个独一无二的展览会体验,让我可以在忙碌过后放松心情,和其他行业同仁共渡一个愉快的晚上。”

下届 Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 将于 2021 年3月18至20日再度举行。

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