Goodyear, Envoy Technologies Pilot Digital Service Solution for Shared, On-Demand EV Fleets


With on-demand car sharing and ride hailing services on the rise, Goodyear is extending its fleet services business model to shared mobility providers.

Goodyear Pilot Digital Service Solution for EV Fleets

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, which prides itself as a leading supplier of tyres and solutions for future mobility, recently announced a new pilot programme with Envoy Technologies, a provider of shared on-demand, community-based electric vehicles (EVs). The pilot, which was launched early in Ohio this year, is testing services aimed at minimising operational downtime for vehicle fleets. 

Goodyear’s unique predictive tyre servicing solution for connected fleets is being used to forecast and automatically schedule needed tyre maintenance and replacement. Envoy’s fleet managers could see its fleet’s status, schedule maintenance needs and update appointments with Goodyear’s on-demand scheduling programme, helping to keep its vehicles operational and avoid the typically unforeseen issues that might suddenly force a shared vehicle to be pulled from service. 

To do this, Goodyear gathers secure, anonymised data from Envoy’s connected vehicles and uses it to predict and schedule service needs. Goodyear then utilises its network of outlets and mobile vans to provide service to the vehicles. The mobile vans could install tyres on-site at their charging stations, maintaining vehicle safety with minimal time required by Envoy staff. 

“With on-demand car sharing and ride hailing services on the rise, Goodyear is extending its fleet services business model to shared mobility providers to improve urban fleet operations,” said Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s chief technology officer. 

Envoy provides shared, community-based electric vehicles where people live, work and stay, with a significant percentage of its fleet dedicated to deployment in disadvantaged communities. The two-year-old company recently passed a milestone of more than 100 vehicles deployed at partner sites with a pipeline of 1,800 vehicles to be launched in major metropolitan areas across the nation, including Portland, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, New York, Boston, Miami and Washington, D.C. 

“This pilot with Goodyear helps us provide more comprehensive fleet management services and ensures vehicle readiness for our customers,” said Envoy co-founder Aric Ohana. “As Envoy continues to expand across the nation, Goodyear is uniquely positioned to provide the type of support needed to keep fleets on the streets.” 

According to Goodyear Chief Technology Officer Christopher Helsel, Goodyear’s advantage lies in its combination of fleet management expertise, intelligent products and a vast service network to deliver complete solutions for the future of mobility. 

Goodyear’s effort with Envoy builds on a successful test programme with Tesloop, a city-to-city mobility service that exclusively uses Tesla electric vehicles, and the commercialisation of Goodyear Proactive Solutions for truck fleets using advanced telematics and predictive analytics technology to allow fleet operators to optimise fuel efficiency and precisely identify and resolve tyre-related issues before they happen.


固特异,Envoy Technologies为电动汽车共享,按需车队



以领先的轮胎及未来移动解决方案自豪的固特异轮胎及橡胶公司,宣布与基于社区的共享按需电动汽车供应商Envoy Technologies公司,共同发起一个试点项目。该项目已于今年初发起,该测试服务旨在尽可能缩短车队的运行停机时间。 




“这个与固特异合作的试点项目,协助我们提供一个更全面的车队管理服务,并确保我们为客户准备好车辆。”Envoy联合创始人欧哈纳(Aric Ohana)。“当Envoy持续在全国各地扩展之际,固特异拥有独特的定位,支持在路上行驶的车辆。” 

据固特异首席技术官赫尔泽(Chris Helsel),固特异的优势于其将车队管理经验、智能产品及大量的服务网络相结合,定位未来移动出行服务,提供整套产品。 




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