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Giti Tire Engages in Endurance Drive Across Malaysia and Thailand

Giti Tire Malaysia

Giti provided its ‘outstanding’ braking and grip GitiSport S1 tyre to 5 participating media cars and 4 selected participants of ‘Eco Malaysia’.

Giti Tire Malaysia Supports Eco Malaysia

Giti Tire recently engaged and supported the annual ‘Eco Malaysia’ endurance driving event, featuring 82 cars ferrying a combined 161 individuals. With its strong experience in the motor sports industry, Giti provided its ‘outstanding’ braking and grip GitiSport S1 tyre to five participating media cars and four selected participants for the journey. Giti tyres were featured on the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG that carried a bright and dramatic livery to showcase the concept of Giti Tire Motorsports Racing car imagery.

The drive event began from Kuala Lumpur and took participants through various terrain to end at Phuket island, Thailand. Overall, the ‘epic journey’ of the 2,000km round trip lasted five days from 1st to 5th August, 2019.

Compared to previous editions of the Evo Enduro event, the 2019 drive was crafted to maximise bonding time and networking opportunities among participants, with more emphasis towards on-ground activities and a less hectic drive programme.

The programme started at The Linc Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Tun Razak where participants began assembling from 7am. Joining the occasion were cars from Aston Martin, Bufori, Ferrari, Maserati, Mazda, Renault and Rolls-Royce. Homegrown brand Bufori showcased its CS sports car in the public for the first time while the all-new Renault Megane RS 280 convoyed with the group for the first leg of the drive.

Lunch at STG Café in Ipoh punctuated the journey to the border, after which participants made their way to Thailand at their own pace, staying the night at the beach town of Satun where they were hosted to an official dinner by the Thai Tourism Board. The next morning, most participants found time to help clean up the beach as part of a CSR activity to promote environmental conservation.

It took a full day of driving before the group reached Phuket in the evening. Activities organised at the island included shooting and go-karting, with attractive prizes sponsored and given away daily for social media challenge winners.

New to this year’s Evo Enduro, participants were encouraged to dress their cars up in full livery, evoking the spirit of motor racing and treating onlookers to spectacular visuals of cars cruising by in bright vibrant colours.

“Besides putting quality and correct tyres in the market, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we provide useful information and professional service to enrich customer loyalty. From this event, we are glad to see the positive engagement of participants and the passion is encouraging,” Giti Tire Malaysia Country Manager Matthew Wai said.

The local top car reviewers who participated in Evo Enduro, including Bobby Ang, Kon Wai Luen and Chris Wee, had good impression on the performance of Giti tyres. Bobby, who drove a Volvo XC90 that ran on Giti Sport S1, said it was good enough to take on the ‘mighty sport tyres’ from a major brand while Kon, with his BMW E39 that was also equipped with Giti Sport S1, commented that the tyre was comparable with a European major brand, had performed perfectly in grip and was quieter. Last but not least, Chris said the BMW E30 that he drove was super silent running on Giti Comfort 228V1.


佳通轮胎近日支持和赞助一年一度的“Eco Malaysia“耐力驾驶活动,82辆汽车总共运载了161个人。拥有丰富汽车运动行业经验的佳通,为5辆媒体汽车和4名精选的参与者,提供其拥有卓越制动和抓地力的GitiSport S1 轮胎。标志性黄黑涂装的马赛地CLA 45 AMG 安装上佳通轮胎,展示了佳通轮胎汽车运动赛车的形象。

这个从吉隆坡启程一直到泰国普吉岛的驾驶活动,让参与者经验到各种不同的路面。全长2,000公里的“史诗往返旅途”, 从2019年8月1日至5日,耗时5天。

与上一届的Evo Enduro活动相比,2019年的驾驶活动最大化延长了参与者之间的交流机会和增进凝聚力的时间,把重点放在地面活动,而非紧凑的驾驶旅途。

该驾驶活动从吉隆敦拉萨路的The Linc开始,参与者从早上7时正开始集合。参与的汽车来自阿斯顿马丁(Aston Martin)、Bufori、法拉利、玛莎拉蒂(Maserati)、马士达(Mazda)、雷诺及劳斯莱斯。本地品牌Bufori首次在公众面前展示其CS跑车,而全新的雷诺Megane RS280与小组一起进行了第一回合的驾驶。



今年Evo Enduro 的新项目是鼓励参与者为他们的车子“打扮”,唤起赛车的精神,让观众在汽车巡航时,无不为它们五彩缤纷的颜色而赞叹。

“除了为市场带来优质和适合的轮胎,我们的责任是确保我们提供有用的信息和专业的服务,加强客户的忠诚度。我们可以从这个活动中,看到参与者的积极参与和令人感到鼓舞的热情。”佳通轮胎马来西亚区域经理Matthew Wai 表示。

参加Evo Enduro的本地顶尖汽车评论家包括 Bobby Ang、Kon Wai Luen及Chris Wee, 都对佳通轮胎的性能留下了良好和深刻的印象。开着安装上佳通Sport S1的沃尔沃XC90的Bobby说,它的表现与一个主要品牌的强大运动型轮胎不相上下,而驾驶着同样安装上佳通Sport S1 的宝马E39 的Kon则认为,该款轮胎可与欧洲主要品牌媲美,不仅拥有完美的抓地力,而且更为安静。最后,Chris的宝马E30 则安装上佳通Comfort 228V1 ,他认为该款轮胎超安静。

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