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Giti Tire Malaysia Opens Fifth Outlet

Giti Tire Malaysia Outlet

Giti Tire (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd opened its latest Giti flagship store located in Taman Bidara, Selayang recently. 

Giti Tire Expands Presence with Fifth Outlet in Malaysia

YPL Auto Services Sdn Bhd is the 5th Giti flagship store in Malaysia and is a dealer of Tyrim Resources Sdn Bhd, one of Giti’s official wholesalers. Occupying a corner lot, it is brightly decked in Giti’s trademark yellow and black colours. The outlet features a comfortable air-conditioned and modern waiting lounge with an attractive Giti tyre display area as well as educational tools to explain the tyres’ key features.

According to Giti Tire Malaysia, it would provide every Giti flagship store the company’s in-house retail standard operating procedure (SOP) and software. Its comprehensive retail SOP covers sales and transaction for call-ins and walk-ins, customer service, inventory management and housekeeping.

In addition to the SOP training, there would also be monthly SOP coaching provided for continuous quality improvement. Quality checks are done through a quarterly SOP audit. To increase brand awareness and product knowledge among potential consumers, Giti would partner with its dealers to jointly organise road shows.

The company also revealed that it planned to increase its footprint in Malaysia by adding more Giti flagship stores in the near future.


近日,佳通轮胎(马来西亚)私人有限公司在Selayang 的Taman Bidara 开设了第五家门店。

YPL汽车服务私人有限公司是佳通在马来西亚的第五家旗舰门店,也是Tyrim 资源私人有限公司的代理,佳通授权批发商之一。 这家新门店位于街角地段,采用了佳通商标的黄黑两色,显得格外显眼亮丽。分店里设有设计现代化的空调等候室,吸引人的佳通轮胎陈列,以及能够用以解释轮胎主要特点的工具。


除了SOP培训,他们每月还会提供SOP辅助,以持续改善品质。每三个月会有一次的SOP审核进行品质检查。 佳通还会与代理合作,联手主办路秀,提高潜能客户的品牌意识和产品知识。


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