Silverstone Wins Bronze Recognition at 2019 Putra Brand Awards


Silverstone attributed this success to its efforts in retaining the company’s relevance amid the challenging business environment.

Silverstone Achieves Another Milestone

Silverstone recently won the Bronze Award under the Automotive – Fuel, Lubricants & Accessories category at the 2019 Putra Brand Awards. Held at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the Putra Brand Awards is an annual premier brand award event that is now in its 10th year.

Silverstone was recognised as one of the brands and Tan Song Chye, President and Managing Director, Silverstone Marketing Sdn Bhd was at the event to accept the award. Launched in 2010 by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia in association with the Malaysia’s Most Valuable Brands (MMVB), the Putra Brand Award recognises brand building as an integral business investment, measured by consumer preference.

In determining the winners, the Putra Brand Awards utilises a robust consumer research method in which 6,000 consumers vote for their favourite brands in specified categories.

Silverstone attributed this success to its efforts in retaining the company’s relevance amid the challenging business environment. The company works towards maintaining its stronghold in OEM association with the local national car brands through its latest product offerings, like the Kruizer NS800 that uses advanced technology and materials to provide a tyre that’s fuel efficient and quiet with safe grip. This association is said to provide a platform for future Silverstone tyre purchases in the replacement market.            

Continuous efforts in the on-going technology improvement or advancement is one of the key factors for Silverstone in strengthening market position. Meanwhile, staying connected with consumers using the right channels at the right time is seen as essential in keeping its brand ‘Alive’ in the consumer mind.




银石盾近日荣获2019年布特拉品牌奖(2019 Putra Brand Award)的汽车—燃油、润滑油及配件组别铜奖。这个在吉隆坡大华酒店盛大举行的布特拉品牌奖颁奖典礼是个一年一度的卓越品牌奖活动,今年迎来了第10届。


布特拉品牌奖透过6,000 名消费者的投票甄选,在各个组别中选出他们最喜欢的品牌。

银石盾将这项殊荣归功于该公司努力在充满挑战性的商业环境中,维持其公司的相关性。该公司努力透过其产品供应,保持他们与国产车品牌原厂装备制造商的强大据点和联盟,比如采用先进技术和原材料制成的Kruizer BS800 轮胎 ,省油、安静又拥有安全的抓地力。据悉,该联盟在替换市场提供了一个未来购买银石盾轮胎的平台。






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