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In the New Sustainable Agriculture the Choice Of Tyres Makes A Difference

With the AGRIMAX range of radial tyres, using the most sophisticated technology, BKT is responding to the demand from modern agriculture, where respecting the land is one of the key parameters of sustainability. 

BKT’s AGRIMAX Tyre Line Responds to Sustainability  

Agriculture 4.0 is the most sustainable agriculture possible. From better controlled organic seeds, to the use of recycled water, renewable energy, up to the storage of products in hypogeal environments. Work in the field will be entrusted to the smartest tractor, no longer just a simple machine, but a vehicle to work intelligently and without damaging the land, so that it can regenerate and enter into the cycle in which sustainable agriculture learns from nature. 
To avoid damaging land and yield as much as possible while respecting the parameters of sustainabilityspecific tyres are essential. These tyres have different characteristics depending on the land and the work carried out by the machines, tyres which contribute to reducing soil compaction. 

This lead to the creation of “Precision Agriculture”, where GPS satellite systems mounted on the tractor help to map the land, to understand the geographical layout in order to organize crops. Today, however, the agricultural system must expand its goals, come to terms with unexpected and unforeseeable climate chaos, but above all it cannot have the yield per hectare as its sole objective. The watchword for the survival of agriculture is the “sustainable” yield. 

Given this growing demand, BKT has for some years embraced new Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) technologies. A VF tyre is designed to transport 40% more weight at the same air pressure as a standard tyre; the air pressure could be reduced by 40% and have the same weight as a standard tyre. 

An IF tyre is instead designed to transport 20% more weight at the same air pressure as a standard tyre. In this case the air pressure can be reduced by 20%, albeit continuing to support the weight requested, but would significantly reduce the impact on the soil. 

The BKT AGRIMAX radial tyre line has been created to meet the needs of modern agriculture. In some models in particular, IF and VF technologies have been applied:  

  • AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, the latest arrival, a winning technological mix which improves the performance of new generation tractors thanks to reduced soil compaction, and higher load capacity (+40%) at the same pressure as a standard tyre of the same size. It is a product which guarantees a life cycle that is prolonged by at least 10% compared to its standard equivalent, guaranteeing a marked reduction in operating and maintenance costs.  

  • AGRIMAX FORCE is specifically designed for high-power tractors (over 250 CV). Thanks to IF technology which has been revisited by BKT, this tyre boasts greater load capacity at lower inflation pressures compared to standard tyres of the same size, to the benefit of the land which undergoes lower compaction. 

  • AGRIMAX TERIS is designed for high-power combine harvesters and spreaders, it has excellent flotation capacity which guarantees protection of the land and harvesting performance as it can take very high loads. In addition, AGRIMAX TERIS is resistant to cuts and impacts due, for example, to the presence of stubble on the ground, thus guaranteeing a long lifecycle and reducing machine stoppage. 

  • AGRIMAX SPARGO stands out among the products for row crops. It is a range equipped with VF technology, which allows for the transportation of heavy loads at reduced tyre pressure, for row-crop applications. 

The agricultural future depends on concerted collaboration which implies culture, dialogue and international cooperation, which must be accompanied by technological development of machines and components. BKT is part of it. 


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