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Yokohama Rubber to Launch New All-Season Tyre for Vans in Europe and Russia

Yokohama Rubber All-Season Tyre

Yokohama Rubber will start selling of a new all-season tyre for vans, the BluEarth-Van All Season RY61, in Europe and Russia from spring 2021.

Yokohama Rubber Aims to Strengthen its All-Season Tyre Range

The new van tyre will be available in 23 sizes, from 225/55R17C 104/102H to 195/70R15C 104/102T.

All-season tyres can be used through all four seasons for driving in various road conditions, from dry and wet roads to snow-covered roads, enabling users to drive safely in any weather. Yokohama Rubber sought to develop a tyre that would meet the rapidly rising demand for tyres that increase user convenience by eliminating the need to change tyres every season. The new “Strong and Smooth, Whatever the Weather” BluEarth-Van All Season RY61 provides the wear resistance and durability demanded of van tyres while contributing to a powerful and comfortable driving performance in various road conditions. The new tyres have received European certification as safe winter tyres and will bear the three peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) marking on their sidewalls, further proof of their reliable performance on snow.

The new tyre’s tread pattern features Yokohama’s unique “Triple WD Groove” that combines a zigzag groove in the centre to achieve a stable grip on snow with two straight grooves on each side that deliver superior water drainage. “Snow-Biting Sipes” have been applied to the tyre’s shoulder to enhance the edging effect. In addition, large blocks placed in the tyre’s centre and shoulders ensure a wide ground contact area, enhancing handling performance and wear resistance. The tyre’s compound is a blend of three different polymers, which enhances wear resistance and durability. In addition, the compound’s use of a large amount of silica contributes to an optimal balance between wet performance and fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, the sidewall features an innovative “Anti-Cracking Serration” design that prevents sidewall cracking.

Yokohama Rubber has been strengthening its lineup of all-season tyres, which in recent years have been attracting greater interest in Japan and overseas as an alternative to using summer and winter tyres.

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