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Falken Performing Well with Its Robust Product Line

Falken Robust Product Line

As the sole distributor of Falken Tyres in Malaysia, Stamford Tyres Malaysia (STM) has released various lines of tyres such as Falken Azenis FK510Ziex ZE914 EcorunSincera SN832i and the latest Ziex ZE310R Ecorun to the local market.

Falken Once Again Impresses with it’s New Designs

The new Ziex ZE310R Ecorun is in the Malaysian market. Introduced in April 2021, the performance tyres have been enhanced to provide better grip on both wet and dry surfaces. It is also designed to act well on wet road surfaces to prevent aquaplaning where the tyres do not hit the road surface. In addition, it also reduces extreme wear on the tyres. It is also designed to increase braking power more efficiently with a shorter stopping distance as well as increase the handling power of a vehicle.

The wide stripe flower design on this tyre makes it to move quietly without making any noise. Tyre surfaces that are in contact with the road surface can also refract water better. This condition can provide more efficient control power and the driving style will be much more convincing. When a better design is applied to these tyres, it can make the lifespan of the tyres longer.

The ZE310R has featured a new tyre material development technology, Advance 4D Nano Design. This confidence was further strengthened when the ZE310R tyre also received a “GOOD” rating during the Big Auto Bild summer tyre test in Europe. The ZE310R is available in 63 sizes ranging from 15 inches to 18 inches.

The Azenis FK510 is focused for enhanced comfort as well as featuring better performance on wet road surfaces. The FK510 is an Ultra High Performance (UHP) top range tyre for SUV and passenger car use. The FK510 tyres use 4D Nano Design Technology, Tension Control Technology (TCT) and Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP).

The Japan-only FK510 once again strengthened its position as a premium brand in the ultra-high-performance (UHP) segment during a summer tyre test held at Auto Zeitung in 2021 as well as earning ‘Highly recommended‘ and ‘Best Value for Money‘. Currently, there are 105 tyre sizes for the FK510 and FK510 SUVs ranging in size from 17 to 22 inches.

Ziex ZE914 Ecorun, its tread pattern is able to produce a better grip in ensuring that the entire surface of the tyre can grip better on the road surface. The appearance of the ZE914 tyres provides more comfort while driving as well as increases the longer lifespan according to the adjustments that have been set. The ZE914 is available in 58 sizes ranging from 15 inches to 18 inches.

Sincera SN832i is designed for more economical use. These tyres are made suitable for small vehicles for more comfort and have a longer durability. The SN832i is available in 34 sizes ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches.

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