Linglong Launches Ultra-High Performance Sport Master Tyre


Linglong Tire has recently launched the Sport Master, its new summer ultra-high performance (UHP) tyre.

Linglong Sport Master Inherits the Genes of D1 Racing Tyres 

The new tyre, according to the company has inherited the genes of D1 racing tyres; the Linglong Tire Drift Team Orange has won two annual championships in the D1 Grand Prix 2020 in Japan.

Designed for 80 per cent street driving and 20 per cent sports performance, the new Sport Master series utilises several of Linglong’s unique technologies. Featuring a steady-state pressure balance contour design pattern, the ground contact area of the new tyre has improved by 3 percent. This has resulted in better dry braking and handling performance, as well as preventing eccentric wear of the tyre.

The tyre features Linglong’s Water Film Destruction Unit Technology and the third-generation resin formula for high handling and wet skid resistance. These technologies combined with its wide groove design means the new tyre is able to cut through the water film during the braking process, as well as provide faster water drainage. Safe driving on raining days is ensured, thanks to its specially designed hidden sipes that improves traction. Additionally, the performance of the Sport Master tyre series has been further enhanced with the high strength carcass framework material.

Apart from these benefits, Linglong also pointed out that the wet grip performance of the Sport Master meets the EU labelling A level standard, which is 17 per cent more effective when compared with its previous products.

In the 2021 Test World summer tyre review, the dry braking performance of Sport Mater series product ranked number one among all tested products, which is arguably the best proof of the product’s quality performance.

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