Magna MB800 Tyres Supplied to Steel Yard Operations in UAE


Magna Tyres recently supplied 8.25-15 Magna MB800 tyres to lead a forklift for steelyard operations in the UAE. The customer said of the fit, "Magna's tyres are the most suitable for our operational needs and working conditions. We are very happy with the lifetime achieved and choose to repurchase the Magna MB800."

Latest Example of Magna’s Range of OTR Tyres Proving Beneficial Around the World

The fitment by Magna was done two years ago. Since then, the tyres have been running and performing solidly. After months of intensive use, almost no wear is visible, with the selected tread pattern providing lasting traction on the rough surface.

The low rolling resistance of the Magna MB800, which is suitable for forklifts and other industrial material handling purposes, cuts back fuel consumption and has a heavy duty service due to its non-directional tread pattern.

In addition, the special compound provides wear- and puncture resistance, giving the tyre long service life. The tyre has a high-tech casing, which reduces heat up during operations, while the protector plies optimise load performance during weight lifting.

Magna Tyres added that it looks forward to working closely with this customer going forward.

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