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Magna Tyres OTR Excellence Gathers Momentum in Asia

Magna Tyres make a difference when it comes to customer satisfaction on OTR tyres.

Magna Tyres Singapore to Launch New Products in Tyrexpo Asia 2023 

It is now just over five years since Netherlands based Magna Tyres Group opened a sales and administration office in Singapore to better serve the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Magna Tyres Singapore (MTS) mainly specialise in the Port Handling and Mining market segments whilst also offering tyres to the Construction, Industrial and Truck sectors right across the Asia-Pacific region incorporating 40 countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Magna Tyres Singapore General Manager, Olga Matveitshyk says, “Initially we started within the Mining sector where Magna Tyres already operated a distributor network in Indonesia and Australia and over time we have successfully increased our customer sales into the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, New Zealand and Mongolia. At the same time, we have progressively widened our product range and ensured an impressive brand image in this highly competitive market segment.”

The Port Handling sector is a relatively new market for Magna Tyres in the APAC region and the company is now benefiting from the ongoing opportunities in this growing industry and have already established itself as a popular brand by working with many leading important Ports throughout Asia. Whilst in the Industrial sector, Magna Tyres is primarily active in the sales of Solid and Super Solid tyres, continually increasing market share in this niche sector.

Olga adds, “There is no doubt that in the APAC sector our strongest OTR markets are Mining and Port Handling which is being driven by the fact that Indonesia, and Australia are two of the largest and most successful Coal-producing and Gold Mining countries in the World. With Magna Tyres respected knowledge and experience over the years manufacturing quality mining tyres. We are well placed to provide technologically advanced products and solutions advice to customers to satisfy individual tyre requirements.”

Whilst the Port Handling market is equally important to Magna Tyres. As Asia encompasses around 60 per cent of the world’s current population resulting in demand for products being continually high. Also mining equipment is a flourishing exporting commodity which adds to the growing port development industry. At the same time Asia Pacific consists mostly of islands making the port network and its services key to the region’s further development and sustainability.

Looking towards the short-term future. Magna Tyres Singapore aims for further growth of its trading network and customer base and fully intends to widen its supplied product range. Olga adds, “At the same time we are eager to ‘challenge ourselves’ by looking to eventually enter the OEM market in this region.”

In 2021 Magna Tyres was confirmed as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. A prestigious position that has been achieved by closely studying and following market demands and adjusting to new trends as they develop. Plus forecasting anticipated changes for the long- term future to ensure customers always benefit and enjoy new tyre improvements and upgrades of the company’s current product portfolio.

Imminent new products include a series of ‘game-changing’ new tyres including the recently launched special underground mining patterns MU25 and MU30 which will be showcased during the forthcoming Bauma Show in Munich at the end of October. Whilst in the Port Handling segment new further improved 16.00-25 M801 and 310/80R22.5 M-Terminal tyres with antistatic capabilities will be launched at the Tyrexpo Asia 2023 show in Singapore in March 2023.

Olga concludes, “Initially it was a challenge to introduce tyres into an established market with a deep knowledge of the tyre industry. However. Magna Tyres is now a recognised and growing brand in the  mining, port handling, construction and industrial segments throughout Asia. Our partner/customers fully appreciate we can provide solutions through being totally flexible and forward thinking. In effect Magna Tyres make a difference when it comes to customer satisfaction on OTR tyres.

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