Pirelli Cinturato Rosso Makes Debut in Malaysia


Pirelli, together with its official distributor in Malaysia, Kit Loong Tayaria, recently launched the new Cinturato Rosso tyre.

Pirelli Cinturato -Deloveped Specifically for Replacement Market 

Pirelli Cinturato is a product that we developed specifically for the replacement market with Asia in mind, and engineered and designed to cater for the needs of Asia’s climate and road surfaces. Comfort and safety are the two main criteria that Malaysian consumers are looking for when it comes to tyres and this is what the new Cinturato Rosso product line offers. It delivers greater mileage and improved grip in wet and dry conditions while reducing noise for every day or long-distance driving,” said Fabio Marcola Lopes, Managing Director, Pirelli Asia.

Available in 67 sizes from 15 to 21 inches for modern Crossovers, cars, MPVs and SUVs, Cinturato Rosso replaces the Cinturato P1. Compared to the Cinturato P1, the Cinturato Rosso shows a four-per cent improvement in subjective comfort and eight-per cent improvement in mileage and efficiency......

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倍耐力 Cinturato Rosso 首次亮相大马


倍耐力与其马来西亚官方经销商吉隆胎雅乐(Kit Loong Tayaria),近日在雪邦国际赛车场推出了新款 Cinturato Rosso 轮胎。

倍耐力亚洲区董事经理洛佩兹(Fabio Marcola Lopes) 表示:“倍耐力 Cinturato 是我们专为亚洲替代市场开发的产品,其工艺和设计旨在满足亚洲气候和路面需求。舒适和安全性是马来西亚消费者购买轮胎时所考虑的两大标准,而这也正是全新的 Cinturato Rosso产品线的两大卖点。”

取代 Cinturato P1的Cinturato Rosso共推出67 种尺寸,从15至21寸,适用于现代跨界车、汽车、多用途车(MPV)及休旅车( SUV)。与 Cinturato P1 相比,Cinturato Rosso的舒适度提高了4%,行驶里程和效率则提高了8%......



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