AllSeasonContact from Continental Ranks First in Gute Fahrt All-season Tyre Test

Continental Tire

The Continental AllSeasonContact represents a milestone in the history of modern all-season tyres.

The AllSeasonContact Convinced Gute Fahrt Editorial Team in All Test Disciplines

“Sure roadholding and dynamic handling in wet conditions and on dry surfaces, comfortable, quiet, with good rolling resistance and good all-round tread performance in contact with snow.”

"Overall, this Continental tyre clearly remains a top favorite among the AllSeasons, earning it a clear GF recommendation,” this is the verdict of the Gute Fahrt editorial team test experts regarding the AllSeasonContact in the magazine’s current (9/22) and previous (8/22) issues. Seven all-season products were tested in the 235/55 R 18 size. The test vehicle was a VW Tiguan

Beside the AllSeasonContact, only one other tyre proved to be a real all-rounder, receiving the top rating of “Very good.” The grade “Good” was awarded twice. None of the other competing tyres achieved more than a “Satisfactory” rating. The AllSeasonContact thus once again confirms the wins obtained last year in various all-season tyre tests for the 205/55 R 16 H/V (AutoZeitung 19/21) and 225/50 R 17 V/W (AutoBild 40/21) sizes.

With regard to summer performance, the criteria of handling (dry, wet), ABS braking (dry, wet), aquaplaning (longitudinal and transverse), rolling resistance, comfort and rolling noise were tested. The road tests took place in northern Italy. To investigate handling, traction and ABS braking (all on snow), the editorial team traveled to wintry Sweden. In the summer ratings, Continental was the only manufacturer to obtain the grade “Very good.” It was also awarded the same grade in the overall rankings. 

The AllSeasonContact represents a milestone in the history of modern all-season tyres. Until its market launch, the available all-season tire technologies were either summer or winter-oriented. For the AllSeasonContact, Continental adopted a new approach. With an innovative mix of tread design, compound, tyre contour and construction, the tyre provides an excellent solution to the prior weaknesses in winter and wet performance relating to tyres for all-season use.

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