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Mestread Invests in Factory and Promotes Premium Quality Approach


Malaysia based retreader Mestread Tyre Solutions Sdn Bhd is investing in solar power at its factory in Puchong in order to reduce its energy bills.

Mestread Offers Customers Increased Safety and Peace of Mind

According to Managing Director Teow Leng Eng, at the time of our visit in December, solar panels were already in situ at the plant and were expected to be connected and operational by the end of 2022. The three-month project to install solar power at the factory has been made possible due to government subsidies to invest in solar power and will save the company around 40 per cent of the company’s electricity bill.

Says Teow, “This investment is recoverable within five years and stands to help us maintain prices to our customers in the face of increases in raw material prices. It also allows us to market our products as ‘Green Energy Tyres’.”

According to Teow, Mestread is also potentially looking to invest in a shearography machine, which would make the company one of only two retreaders in the Klang Valley operating such equipment. Says Teow, “We want to offer our customers the benefit of increased safety and peace of mind. Trust is important. If customers believe you, they will believe in your product…..”

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据张弘融表示,Mestread正计划投资一台轮胎激光散斑无损检测仪,这将使该公司成为巴生谷仅有两家使用此类设备的翻新商之一。 他说:“我们希望为客户提供更高的安全性,让他们更为安心。信任很重要。如果客户相信你,他们就会相信你的产品…….”


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