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BKT Adds CFO Marking to Several of its Products

BKT CFO Marking

CFO is a special marking that appears after the nominal diameter of the rim in the case of IF or VF drive-wheel tyres.

CFO Can Make the Difference for BKT

Cyclic Field Operations (CFO) specifically identifies tyres developed for agricultural machinery employed in cyclical field operations. The unique traits of CFO tyres lead to increased efficiency and productivity in farming operations as well as enhanced tyre performance and durability.

BKT is aware of the great advantages of CFO and has decided to apply this marking to several products. Among these AGRIMAX FORCE, one of BKT’s most successful products, stands out thanks to well 21 IF sizes with CFO marking. This tyre has been specially developed for combine harvesters or high-power tractors for harvesting, transport, and tillage operations. Two other products perfect for harvesting operations that require excellent traction in the fields plus high load capacity are AGRIMAX TERIS and AGRIMAX RT 600 that are also available in 6 IF sizes with CFO marking.

Finally, another BKT product that benefits from the CFO marking is AGRIMAX V-FLECTO in two VF sizes. This tyre is designed to optimise the performance of high-power, next-generation tractors.

Just as CFO is specific to cyclical operations, for BKT every application requires the right product. For this reason, BKT is committed to expanding and improving its range of products finding solutions that suit everybody’s multiple needs.

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