Klinikar: Driving the Future of Tyre Care and Maintenance


Klinikar was established with a mission to revolutionise the way people think about tyre care and maintenance.

Klinikar Uses Data Analytics to Understand Customer Behaviour

In a world where the number of cars on the road is increasing day by day, the need for tyre care and maintenance has become more critical than ever. Tyre is the only point of contact between a vehicle and the road, and hence, it's important to keep them in the best possible condition. With this in mind, Klinikar was established with a mission to revolutionise the way people think about tyre care and maintenance.

Since its inception, Klinikar was seen as being at the forefront of innovation in the tyre industry. With its state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions, Klinikar made tyre maintenance more accessible, affordable and convenient for customers. The company has a vast network of workshops across Malaysia manned by staff that are said to be trained and certified to deliver the highest level of service to customers.

One of the key differentiators of Klinikar is its data-driven approach to decision making. The company uses data analytics to understand customer behaviour and preferences, which helps it make accurate decisions to enhance customer experience. This, in turn, resulted in a premium price point for Klinikar’s services as customers are willing to pay a higher price for the ‘exceptional quality’ of service received...... 

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随着路上行驶的汽车数量日与俱增,轮胎的保养和维修需求也来得比以往任何时候都更为迫切。轮胎是车辆与道路之间的唯一接触点,因此,将轮胎保持在最佳状态非常重要。为此,Klinikar 成立的使命是彻底改变人们对轮胎保养和维修的看法。 

自成立以来,Klinikar 就被视为处于轮胎行业创新的前沿。凭借其最先进的技术和创新的解决方案,Klinikar 使轮胎维护更容易取得、更实惠、也更方便。该公司在马来西亚拥有庞大的修车厂网络,员工都经过培训,并证明可为客户提供最高水平的服务。 

Klinikar的主要区别之一是其数据驱动的决策方法。该公司使用数据分析来了解客户的行为和偏好,这有助于它做出准确的决策以增强客户体验。这导致 Klinikar服务的价格较高,那是因为客户愿意为所取得的卓越质量服务支付更高的价格.....



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