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Laufenn Tire Made for All Weather and Terrain Conditions

Laufenn Tire Terrain Conditions

Developed by Hankook Tire, Laufenn aims to meet the needs of different driving conditions.

Laufenn Tire Targets Price-Conscious Consumers

The Laufenn tyre brand, developed by Hankook Tire, is one of the fastest growing tyre brands in the world, having continued to expand its presence since its global debut in 2014.

Specifically launched as a strategic brand to meet the versatile needs of global consumers, Laufenn targets price-conscious consumers who seek straight-forward and easy practicality without compromising on excellent performance and safety when driving in different conditions.

Covid-19 has influenced the global consumption pattern, which includes a further increase in the number of customers seeking competitive value for products. This, the company said, has accelerated Laufenn to be globally accepted and highly recognised as a tyre brand that offers consumers great value for price, quality, diverse functionality and style. Based on Hankook Tire’s growth strategy of expanding their product portfolio, whilst adapting quickly to the rapidly changing market demand within the global automotive industry, Laufenn aims to meet the needs of different driving conditions.

Laufenn tyres are produced using state-of-the-art technology applied in the design process such as the 3R system (Multi-Tread-Radius-Technology) which optimises the ground contact area for enhanced stability and performance. A 3D vibration analysis technology is also applied to ensure consistent driving performance and enhanced braking. All Laufenn tyres are also known for being made with high quality tread compounds containing silica in order to achieve low rolling resistance, high mileage and high resistance to wear, which provide great safety standards…….

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