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Lean Soon Tyre Opens New Outlet

Lean Soon Tyre celebrated the official opening of a new outlet, which carried a Deestone‘s signage.

Lean Soon Tyre Continues Partner with Cooperteams Distribution

Lean Soon Tyre celebrated the official opening of a new outlet on 3rd August, 2019. Located along Jalan SBC 5, Taman Sri Batu Caves, this new tyre centre that carries a Deestone’s signage is the company’s second outlet in the Klang Valley.

“The opening of this outlet is another significant milestone for us. Besides tyre distribution, we also venture into tyre retailing. We have been selling Deestone for 5 years before we decided to put up Deestone’s signage about 2 years ago. The decision to continue to partner Deestone shows that we have great confidence in the brand,” said owner Michael Mok.

Occupying the corner lot of a shophouse, the new outlet is spacious and fully equipped with advanced service machines. It is staffed by well-trained technicians and tyre specialists. All these demonstrate the willingness and dedication that Mok has in growing the brand, especially in the commercial vehicle segment.

Deestone gained market acceptance through its product’s quality, reliability, safety and reasonable pricing. Securicor (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is one of our key customers, whose Cash-In-Transit (CIT) vans run on Deestone tyres. This is a good testimony on the quality of Deestone tyres as vehicle and personnel safety is a primary concern; CIT fleet could not afford tyre breakdowns that might potentially endanger drivers and the cash that is being carried. We did try to introduce other tyre brands to them but they are firm on Deestone. The two popular sizes for the CIT vans are 195R15C and 185R14C.”

According to him, Securicor (Malaysia) has more than 1,000 vehicles, including 700 CIT vans, 300 light trucks and 500 4x4s throughout Malaysia.

“We work closely with Philip Lau of Cooperteams Distribution Sdn Bhd, the Deestone distributor in Malaysia, to support them,” added Mok.

Lau pointed out that Deestone would send its representatives to Malaysia every year to understand the local market development and trend as well as requirements such as road conditions, popular tyre sizes and many more.

“For passenger car tyres, we brought in the Expedite RA801E and Premium Tourer RA01, which received very good response from the motorists and dealers,” said Lau.

Agriculture and construction, Mok said, was another potential segment that Deestone was involved in for many years. The patterns that the company introduced to the market recently was D340; with its unique design and improved tread depth, it provides better traction and longer mileage.

“We received overwhelming response from the market; they told us that this was the right pattern that suited their needs,” Lau added proudly.

Only mutual trust and benefit would lead to win-win results. Lean Soon Tyre and Cooperteams Distribution both subscribe to this belief.

Cooperteams Distribution provides fast delivery and good after-sales service. They have been very supportive in good and bad times. When it comes to product knowledge and technical support, they are always there. They are easy to communicate with and willing to listen to our needs and challengers.”

Established in the 1970s, Deestone Tyres, one of the leading tyre manufacturers in Thailand, believes that the pursuit of manufacturing excellence is the way forward. Today, the company’s full range of quality products cover motorcycles, passenger cars, 4x4s, light trucks, truck, buses as well as agricultural and specialty tyres for ATVs, UTVs and Quads.


Lean Soon 轮胎新店开张


Lean Soon轮胎于2019年8月3日为其位于Jalan SBC5 ,Taman Sri Batu Caves的新轮胎服务中心举行开幕典礼。这家挂着迪世通(Deestone)招牌的新门店是该公司在巴生谷的第二家轮胎中心。

“这家门店的开张是我们的另一个重要里程碑。除了从事轮胎分销外,我们也进军轮胎零售业。我们销售迪世通轮胎已经 有5年,两年前才挂上迪世通轮胎的招牌 。继续与迪世通合作的决定,显示了我们对这个品牌的信心。”业主莫依达表示。


 “迪世通透过其产品的品质、可靠性、安全性及合理价格,赢得市场的认可。Securicor (马来西亚)私人有限公司是我们的主要客户之一,他们的现金运输车采用的正是迪世通轮胎。这无疑证明了迪世通轮胎的品质,因为车子和个人安全非常重要。现金运输车车队不能承受因轮胎障碍而危及司机和所运输现金的安全。我们虽然曾试着向他们介绍其他的轮胎品牌,但是他们仍然坚决选择迪世通。现金运输车采用的两个最普遍的尺寸是195R15C 和185R14C。”

据他说,Securicor 在全马拥有超过1,000辆车子,包括700辆现金运输车、300辆轻卡和500辆四驱车。



“在轿车胎方面,我们引进了Expedite RA801E和Premium Tourer RA01。”刘庆嘉说。

刘庆嘉指出,农业和建筑是另一个具有潜能的领域,而迪世通在这两个领域已有多年的经验。该公司目前推出了D340 ,其独特的设计和改善的花纹深度, 带来更好的牵引力和更高的里程数。


只有相互的信任和好处,才能带来双赢的结果。Lean Soon 轮胎和Cooperteams分销都对此深信不疑。


迪世通轮胎成立于70年代,是泰国领先的轮胎制造商之一,他们深信只有追求卓越制造才是向前迈进的方法。今天,该公司优质的全系列产品包括摩托车轮胎、轿车、四驱车、轻卡、卡车、巴士、农业及ATV、UTV及 四驱摩托车轮胎。








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