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Linglong Tire Excellent Brand Shop Manager Football Experience Camp Successfully Held

The Football Experience Camp was to enhance their communication skills and improve their operational management ability through professional training.

Linglong Brand Shop Managers Takes Part in Football Experience Camp

Linglong Tire invited its excellent brand shop managers across the country to Foshan, Guangzhou, China, to take part in Linglong Tire Excellent Brand Shop Manager Football Experience Camp from 23rd to 24th May, 2019. The event was aimed at enhancing their communication skills and improving their operational management ability through professional training.

These excellent shop managers were carefully selected through online voting nationwide in the aspects of shop decoration, tyre sales and product structure, among others.

Apart from the football experience camp, watching the friendly match between VfL Wolfsburg and Frankfurt, and visiting FAW-VW Foshan Brand, the elite training course was an important part of this experience camp. Linglong said the training included product knowledge, industry knowledge, store operation management, among other areas, to continuously improve the management ability of the shop and the professional service ability to the market.

The practical course was said to be well received by the excellent shop managers. Many of them said this experience camp activities benefited them tremendously as they came away with full confidence for the future development of the company and would continue to work hard together with Linglong to increase sales volume.

As a leading tyre manufacturer in China, Linglong has won the recognition of the vast market through its excellent product performance, good brand image and mature network channels in recent years. To date, the company has a network of more than 30,000 marketing outlets and above 4,000 brand shops with professional product sales and service capabilities.

For the future, the company said it planned to carry out more experience activities, establish the bridge of interaction and communication between them as a manufacturer and its channel suppliers, as well as strengthen the structure of this channel. Linglong also expressed the hope that more tyre shops could join its channel network to jointly provide consumers with professional products and services. 












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