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Linglong Tire to Build New R&D Centre in Jinan, China

Linglong Tire signed a collaboration agreement with the Jinan Municipal People’s Government to settle their R&D base in the central district of Jinan.

Linglong Tire Aims to Absorb Domestic and Foreign Technologies 

On 17th July the two parties decided to join together and specialise in science and technology, ultilising their talents as part of the agreement. The relevant leaders of Jinan and Linglong‘s Chairman and President, Wang Feng attended the signing ceremony. 

After the establishment of Linglong Tire’s R&D Technology and Innovation Base in Jinan, it will make full use of Jinan’s economic agglomeration, convenient transportation and talent concentration advantages. Other benefits include being able to absorb domestic and foreign technologies, as well as talent on a larger scale, achieving a high-quality development of the company’s R&D capabilities and brand influence.

Meanwhile, Linglong will rely on the global-oriented R&D science and innovation base. There’s several benefit for this, namely the optimisation of gathering high-end science and innovation resources; stimulating the innovation vitality of market players; and promoting the upstream and downstream research and development of the relevant industry chain. In addition to all of these developments, Linglong can  promote the development of regional big data and intelligent manufacturing  to help realise a mutual benefit between government and enterprise.

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