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LST Tyre Centre Improves Fleet Efficiency with Hankook Tyres

Puchong-based LST Tyre Centre Sdn Bhd handled other premium truck tyre brands before it partnered with Hankook Tire Malaysia.

LST Tyre Centre Partners with Hankook Tyres 

“Our relationship with Hankook Malaysia started in early 2016 and it took us about a year before we switched fully to Hankook tyres. This is because we need to collect and compile Hankook tyres performance and mileage report to convince our fleet customers the value of Hankook tyres and convert them to use the brand,” said Lau Seng Thay, the owner of LST Tyre Centre.  

He revealed that price positioning and overall product performance, including good mileage, were the factors why the company opted to become an authorised dealer of Hankook truck tyres. “The average mileage of the Hankook 11R22.5 AH31 and 295/80R22.5 AH31 is about 150,000km, while the 215/75R17.5 AH35 could run up to more than 100,000km. In short, compared to other premium truck tyre brands, product value is the main reason why we decided to partner with Hankook Tire Malaysia.” 

The popular patterns and sizes of Hankook truck tyre, he noted, were the 215/75R17.5 AH35, 11R22.5 AH31k,295/80R22.5 AH31+ and 295/80R22.5 DK31. The general market feedback on these tyres indicated that they offered even wear, high mileage and enhanced traction with very low rolling resistance. All these values had translated to improved efficiency, better savings and profit margin….

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位于蒲种的LST 轮胎中心私人有限公司在与马来西亚韩泰轮胎合作之前,曾经经营过其他的优质卡车轮胎品牌。

LST 轮胎中心东主Lau Seng Thay表示:我们与马来西亚韩泰的关系始于2016年年初,完全转向韩泰轮胎则花了我们大约一年的时间。这是因为我们需要收集和汇集韩泰轮胎的性能和里程报告,让我们的车队客户相信韩泰轮胎的价值,并将他们转化成为该品牌的用户。”

他透露,价格定位和整体的产品性能,包括良好的行驶里程是该公司选择成为韩泰卡车轮胎授权代理商的因素。 “韩泰AH31尺寸为11R22.5轮胎和AH31尺寸295/80R22.5的平均航里程约为15万公里,而尺寸215/75R17.5AH35航里程10万公里以上。而言之,优质车轮胎品牌相比,品价是我们决与马来西亚韩胎合作的主要原因。”

他指出,韩泰卡车轮胎最受欢迎的尺寸和款型是 215/75R17.5 AH3511R22.5 AH31k295/80R22.5 AH31+ 295/80R22.5 DK31。从市场对这些轮胎的反馈显示,它们磨耗均匀、里程数高并拥有提升的牵引力,而且滚动阻力非常低。这些价值都将转化成改善的车队效率、更好的节省和利润…..。


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