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  Technological Advancement in Garage Equipment and Tools 
The automotive industry is impacted heavily by technology, especially in the last few decades. The introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles,       Assistance Systems (ADAS), the connected vehicle, workshop management systems and many more are the challenges not only to workshop owners or opera- tors, but also equipment manufacturers.
Today, many automotive services and repairs couldn’t be done professionally without the right equipment and tools. To cope with technological advancements and       - ment manufacturers continue to strive for technological        are added to tyre changers and wheel balancers to sim- plify the process and achieve better results.
In this issue, The Tyreman talked to a few tyre service          the technological improvements that were made over the years.
“With cars getting more advanced and sophisticated, especially supercars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, as well as luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce, we believe that touchless or contactless tyre service technology would be the future. A touchless tyre changer never touches the rim during any work phase, eliminating the risk of rim
damage or requiring clumsy toolbars or tyre levers,” said Corida Sdn Bhd Joint Managing Director Alex Chan.
The same goes for the tyre alignment machine that deploys this technology as he pointed out that it could quickly and precisely measure wheel alignment data and annul all tension on the tyre during the demount- ing/mounting phases without touching the tyre and rim.
           farewell to any form of wheel clamp or accessories to the wheel and the necessity to adjust and operate ac- cording to the wheel size. The operator does not waste time and there is no risk of damaging the rims. Fur- thermore, with the True-Live Data Technology to col- lect data from both axles in real time, there is no need to refresh the real axles.”
ADAS calibration
Meanwhile, Newera Equipment Supply Sdn Bhd Senior Product Manager Alex Tiu noted that ADAS features were becoming more and more commonly used. They were no longer exclusive to luxury cars but had made their way to some entry level cars such as Automated Emergency Braking System (AEBS). A recent development, he pointed out, was an integrated alignment system to calibrate ADAS that provided technicians and garage operators with
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