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All-in-one scanner and insulated tools
For LSK Auto Resources General Manager Alex Lim, an impor- tant scan tool to streamline diagnostics and troubleshoot critical electronic systems and modules in a vehicle had evolved along with other aftermarket automotive tools.
“There are major advancements in car diagnostic software. We could now use one scanner for all vehicles including electric cars, instead of a separate scanner for passenger cars and com- mercial and electric vehicles. It is not only convenient but also cost saving and comes with optional ADAS calibration function.”
With the increasing number of electric vehicles (EV) on the road, Wonder Internation Sdn Bhd Managing Director Allen Hsu sees a need for insulated tools for EV maintenance and repair. “Nor- mal automotive tools could not handle the high voltage parts and components of an EV. The insulated tools are specially designed to ensure the safety of the operator, protecting him or her from electric shocks and electrocution injury.”
Although there are so much equipment manufacturers could do with the advancement of technology, including adding more fea- tures to make the equipment more versatile, pricing remains an important decision-making aspect.
In this regard, Heng praised the improvements that major Chinese garage equipment manufacturers had made over the years.
“The quality of Chinese garage equipment has caught up and they are now more reliable. With their competitive pricing, it is obvious that they would enjoy better growth in the local market,” he said.
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