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Streamlined workshop daily operation
“We handle a large number of car maintenance and repairs each day. Keeping track of every detail such as all aspects of the vehicle, customer information, service history including the replacement of auto parts, and warranty become so much easier with the system. By entering all the data and information into the pro- gramme, we could automate our workshop routine operations such as inventory control, service remind- er through SMS and WhatsApp, pro- motions and many more.”
Ashraf revealed that he faced prob-        statement with his balance sheet before he used the system. The automated accounting process of Webmax solution, he said, could complete the manual accounting tasks with accuracy.
Besides that, he added, with the automated salary and perfor- mance-linked commission calcula- tion module, the payroll process was smoother and painless.
“Webmax Workshop is very stable and could be accessed from any device including mobile phones, iPad and tablets as long as there is an internet connection. Training was done through Zoom and even       thanks to its user-friendly interface.”
     - max Technologies Sdn Bhd, the Webmax Workshop solution provid- er, is much appreciated by Ashraf. Whenever his company has any questions on the system, he said Webmax Technologies responded      attentively with patience and han- dled it professionally.
Ashraf learned his skill from his dad and followed in his dad’s footsteps to become a motorcycle mechanic before venturing into the automotive service industry. “I am passionate
about tyres since I was 17 years old. Being a motorcycle mechanic is a skilled job and you need in-depth knowledge and skill to ad- vise customers. I found my interest more on running a tyre retail centre that is believed to be a lucrative business. I was attracted by the appearance of a modern tyre centre and       - vices that could be performed with cutting edge and innovative equipment.”
To pursue his dream, he went to UniKL to study Automotive Engineering Technology. While studying, he worked part-time in a
tyre shop where he picked up the related skills and knowledge.
In 2018, Ashraf opened his own tyre centre at the age of 25. He started by selling used tyres. When he wanted to venture into new tyre retailing, it was not smooth sailing. He revealed that the major brands had reser- vation working with the company and its   
Today, Ashraf Northern Motorsport has es- tablished a strong presence in the Langgar area in Kedah. With six service bays, the
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