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  Ashraf Finds Webmax Cloud-Based
Car Workshop Solution Useful 
 Mohd Ashraf AB Rahman, the own- er of Ashraf Northern Motorsport in Kedah, heard about Webmax
cloud-based car workshop solution from Prowheels Distributor Malaysia Sdn Bhd in 2021. However, he did not use the sys- tem then as he was using a traditional desktop software.
“We started using the Webmax Workshop system in 2022. With this cloud-based solution, we could enjoy the convenience of working and access to real-time informa- tion from anywhere and anytime. In addi- tion, it helps us to improve client relations and productivity by becoming more organ-      
He pointed out that the customised all-in- one specially built and designed solution for automotive and tyre workshop solution      service, salary and commission calculation.
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“All these features are very useful to us, especially the real-time inventory con- trol and management feature. The stock movement alert keep us informed on the movement of our stock so that we know which are the fast-moving, slow and non-moving items. This allows us                    system that we used was unable to do that and we had to check our inventory level manually, which was not only time consuming but also incurred extra cost and labour.”
Another feature of Webmax Workshop that is also worth mentioning, he con- tinued, was the tyre tracking function with which he could track the manu- facturing year of tyre inventory and make beneficial decision on how to use them.
Mohd Ashraf AB Rahman, the owner of Ashraf Northern Motorsport

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