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    Technical Support for TBR and Bus Tyres from Falken now Available in Several Languages 
The Technical Support Guide for TBR and Bus Tyres pub- lished in English by Falken Tyre Europe GmbH for its customers throughout Europe is now available in sever- al additional languages. From now on, the guide for registered customers is available to be downloaded in English, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Greek. Additional languages are al- ready in preparation.
Due to the increasing cost pressure and to further improve its technical customer service, Falken decided to create a detailed guide in which it provides useful information on how to save costs when it comes to tyres. The guide also contains information on use-related recommendations, tyre pressure and some of the basics. Another section discusses the usual forms of damage            
The company has also made available two new air pressure ta- bles for HGV and commercial vehicle tyres as A2-format post- ers. The posters are initially available for download in English and German in the web shop. On request, the customer advisers
at Falken will also be happy to send hard-copy posters to their customers.
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