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     First Yokohama Truck and Bus Tyre Use as OE on EV

  Yokohama Rubber Co, Ltd announced recently that it be- gan supplying its RY01C tyres to Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation for use as original equipment (OE) on its new model, eCanter all-electric light-duty truck, which went on sale in Japan.
          - ries-produced all-electric light-duty truck. The new eCanter           205/70R17.5 115/113N LT size RY01C tyres for use as OE on            one of its truck/bus tyres as OE on an electric vehicle (EV).
The RY01C is a standard rib tyre for light trucks that was devel- oped with an emphasis on wear resistance. In addition to the low rolling resistance required by EVs and superior wear resist- ance demanded of light truck tyres, the RY01C is said to deliver ‘excellent’ wet performance, thus providing the environmental, safety and handling performance demanded of an OE tyre for the new eCanter.
EV tyres must deliver higher levels of environmental, safety and comfort performance over ordinary tyres. For example, lower rolling resistance is needed to extend the EV’s driving range, greater durability to hold up under the higher load from the bat- tery’s weight and the quick rise to maximum torque generated by
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electric motors. The tyres must also deliver a quiet ride to com- plement the lack of engine noise from EVs. Yokohama Rubber         requirements are adopted as OE for use on many EVs, from premium cars to mini-vehicles. The company is now applying its accumulated know-how in EV tyres to advance the develop- ment and sophistication of EV-compatible technology for truck and bus tyres. By providing EV tyres for trucks and buses, Yo- kohama Rubber says it would meet diverse logistics needs and       - tion companies.
In addition to strengthening its marketing of tyres to be used as OE on EVs, which require tyres made using the most ad- vanced technology, Yokohama Rubber is utilising the feedback received from EV makers in its development of replacement tyres as it seeks to expand its product line-up and improve the performance of all its tyres to meet new requirements in this era of dynamic change.

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