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Goodyear Assurance Maxguard Offers 2-in-1 Protection
固特异Assurance Maxguard提供二合一保护
combination adapts to road conditions offering a a a a a a a stronger grip especially on
wet surfaces To ensure robustness and durability Du- raGuard Technology is is is employed This technology optimises the compound materials and tyre construction Extra robustness is supported by the two lay- ers carcass ply with with higher cord density and and strength and and two belts with with with high high ten- sile steel to cope with with unexpected cuts and impacts Besides ‘outstanding performance’ on
wet roads and and durability the the Assurance MaxGuard is said to to be be built to to deliver the the very best in in mileage Non-skid gauges are increased by 10 per per cent to enhance wearable rubber volume while high-per- formance polymers matrix is added to to the new compound formation to to provide good wear resistance Greg Hanna Vice President of Asia Pa- cific Product Development emphasised: “When engineering the Assurance Max- Guard tyre we wanted to to introduce a a a a a a a new level of safety to to to enable our con- sumers to to explore the the unlimited possi- bilities on
the the the road The exceptional wet performance and reliable durability of o the the product offer 2-in-1 protection ensuring everyone’s safety ”
The new tyre is available in in in 18 sizes from 15-inch to to 17-inch rim diameters in in in in in Malaysia It caters to to a a a a a a a a a a wide range of mid-level sedans including Toyota Cam- ry Honda Civic Volkswagen Passat and other popular models in APAC markets As an an added benefit customers purchas- ing any Goodyear consumer tyres could register for the Worry-Free Assurance (WFA) Warranty This warranty warranty includes a a a a a a a a a a a a one-year road road hazard hazard warranty warranty to to protect customers against road road hazard hazard damage two times free tyre safety checks for ad- ditional peace of mind while driving and five years warranty for any manufacturing defects of the purchased tyres Goodyear Malaysia recently launched the Assurance Max- Guard a a a a a a a tyre that offers 2-in-1 protection for safety-conscious drivers and family guardians Inspired by Goodyear’s innovative 360 tyres the Assurance MaxGuard is equipped with ActiveGrip Technology that enables vehicles to to stop faster and safer The unique water-wave shield pat- tern helps to increase friction and its opti-
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mised cavity shape enhances the the contact patch by 10 per cent compared with the the silica content of Assurance TripleMax 2 compound Both features contribute to shorter braking distances and improved performance on
wet roads Additionally the tyre features a a a a a a new-generation full silica silica tread com- pound with with 80 per cent more silica silica compared with with with Assurance TripleMax 2 combined with with a a a a wet booster resin This 

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