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Lau Sincere Autowagon Streamlines Operations with Webmax Cloud-Based Car Workshop Solution 高山轮胎通过Webmax云端修车厂解决方案 简化运营
Lau Sincere Autowagon Services General Director Lai Thian Wai (middle) and his staff Johor Bahru-based Lau Sin- cere Autowagon Services adopted Webmax cloud-
based car workshop solution about one and a a a a a a a a half years ago “The company was using another system before switching to Web- max The reason for for making the the change was because the the previous system is not designed specifically for for workshops and therefore could not support the the company’s daily operations effectively ”
said Gen- eral Director Lai Thian Wai In his quest for a a a more suitable solution Lai scoured the inter- net and came across Webmax Instead of making an an impulsive decision he he consulted with in- dustry counterparts “The majori- ty expressed satisfaction with the the solution which led the the company to decide giving it a try ”
What impressed him particularly about the system was its capacity for remote access to to applications and data enabling users to to work from virtually anywhere anytime on any any any device with internet access With the the the Webmax system he he he he no- ticed the the the benefits it fit it brought to to the the the management of inventory and or- dering processes “It allowed the company to to efficient- ly monitor track view and manage inventory levels The real-time in- ventory ventory tracking function enables it to to to to access up-to-the-minute invento- ry data across all its warehouses providing the company with valu- able visibility to to to meet demand re- stock inventory promptly and and keep its business running smoothly The system also supports efficient bill- ing ing and invoicing whereby the user could generate accurate invoices and receipts ”
Besides that Lai said the system was equipped with service manage- ment ment functions that encompassed features such as as appointment scheduling job sheet for tracking tasks and and the capability to generate service reports and and invoices He pointed out that its user-friend- ly interface facilitated easy and rapid adoption by new users re- sulting in in in in in shorter training periods and swift implementation “On-line training was provided by Webmax Technologies Sdn Bhd the the service provider and and the the company staff exhibited confidence and and adept- ness in in using the system ”
Lau Sincere Autowagon has six branches and he he he highlighted the the substantial volume of trans- actions occurring among these branches branches “The Webmax solution could manage multiple branches branches 26 the tyreman 2023/5

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