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spread out across various loca- tions and the company could man- age everything in in one place The Webmax solution perfectly aligns with its business requirement It allows the the company to see the the lat- est accounting records and doc- uments monitor financial reports of individual branches as as well as as the overall consolidated perfor- mance This consolidation of data simplifies the the the management and enhance the the the visibility of the the the com- pany’s financial health ”
Lai expressed satisfaction with the timely technical assistance and support offered by Webmax Tech- nologies which helped to resolve any any inquiries the company had Lau Sincere Autowagon started as a a a a a a a a a small automotive service centre in in 1999 by Lai’s mum In 2016 Lai Lai took over the company business and subsequently diversified its operations to include car modifica- tion tion services “At first I did not have a a a a a particular interest in in in in in the business and my in- itial intention was merely to assist However as as as as as time passed I found myself increasingly drawn to it and developed a a a a a genuine interest in in in in in in in the business quite unintentionally ”
Over the the years the the company grew rapidly evolving from a a a a a a a a small team of three staff members to a a a a a a a a a thriving enterprise with six branches and a a a a a a dedicated workforce of 50 employ- ees The growth not only extended in in in in in in scale but also included venturing into different segments including tyre wholesale business and car modification services Lai elaborated: “All the branches are one-stop service service centres offer- ing ing a a a a a wide range o of services from tyre tyre and and rim retail tyre tyre servicing repairs and and and replacement to various car maintenance and and repair repair servic- es such as oil change automotive air-conditioning service engine overhaul and more I ventured into car modification recognising that tyre retail alone wasn’t enough With proper care a a a a a a tyre lifespan is relative- ly ly long The car car modification business holds exciting potential especially as more individ- uals seek unique and and personalised vehicles Expertise skill and and experience are important as car modification involved altering various components or or the entire vehicle to enhance performance not just appearances This ex- pansion helps the company to to attract young- er er er customers and and and car enthusiasts and and and stay- ing attuned to to to to market trends and and and and customer customer demands allowed it to to to carve a a a a a a a niche in in in the industry ”
Being young and energetic Lai breathed new life into the the conventional business in- jecting it it with a a a a a a modern perspective This transformation involved upgrading all the company’s branches to modern welcom- ing ing ing and well-equipped centres Leveraging various marketing channels such as social media and on-line platforms broadened the the company’s company’s outreach By showcasing the the company’s company’s previous work and highlighting the the value it brought to to customers the the com- pany established a a a a a a respected reputation in the market 27 the tyreman 2023/5

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