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Vipal Rubber Celebrates 50 Years
维伯尔橡胶庆祝成立 50 周年
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It was at at at at at a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a petrol station in 1960 that that that Vicencio Paludo found the the opportunity that that would make him start the the company
that that bears his his name and which this year year celebrates fifty years of existence Vipal Rubber - - the the only company
in in the the world which produces a a a a a complete line of of prod- ucts for the retreading and and repairing of of passenger commercial agricultural and and Off the the Road (OTR) tyres The company
was born from a a a a a a latent need: to to offer the the the trucking industry a a a a solution to to their tyre problems From the the first patches going through the the production of camelback treads and tyre tyre retreading machines to to the the manufacture of of new tyres for motor- cycles one of of the the the largest rubber manu- facturers in the the world emerged Within the the context of the the company’s 50th anniversray celebations we spoke to to Vipal’s Director of International Business Leandro Rigon about the the company’s achievements and its aspirations for the the future What are the most significant achievements that Vipal has accomplished over its 50 years of existence?
Throughout its journey numerous achievements have propelled Vipal Rubber to its current status as a a a a a a a a a a global benchmark in in in tyre retreading making it it one of the the largest rubber manufacturers in in in the the the world in in in this segment We began with a a a a a a a a a small operation in in in in in southern Brazil and gradually specialised in in in in producing materials for repairing all all types of tyres Among the the early significant milestones it is worth highlighting the the the inauguration of the the first Brazilian factory for tyre and inner tube cold cure repair products in in in 1974 Shortly after that in in 1982 we began ex- ports to Chile Another significant milestone occurred in in 1986 when Vipal started producing mate- rials for hot cure tyre retreading with the the the launch of o the the the camelback line In 1991 the the the company
expanded its offerings by intro- ducing pre-cured treads cushion gum The petrol station where Vipal’s business first began 

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