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service excellence Vipal has always in- vested heavily in in in in innovation and technol- ogy one of the the secrets to supporting the the company's continuous development and creating more efficient environmentally friendly advanced products and and process- es es The company's relationship and and care for our our customers are are also fundamen- tal prioritising our our partners and working collaboratively to solve their challenges Furthermore the the the the internationalisation of the the the company is is a a a a a a a a reality We want to expand our presence in in in more countries continually exploring new markets And now towards the centennial celebration 1 橡胶(Vipal Rubber)。今年,这家世界 上唯一一家生产用于乘用车、商用、农用 及工程(OTR)轮胎翻新和修复的全系列橡 胶制品公司,庆祝成立50周年。该公司的 诞生源于潜在的需求:为面对轮胎问题的 卡车运输行业,提供解决方案。从最初的 补丁、高温胎面胶(camelback)、胎面 胶到轮胎翻新机器的生产,再到摩托车新 轮胎的制造,世界上最大的橡胶制造商之 一应运而生。
在该公司成立50周年庆祝活动之际,我们 采访了维伯尔国际业务总监里贡(Leandro Rigon)畅谈该公司的成就和对未来的期 望。
伯尔橡胶凭借着其众多的成就,确立了目 前在全球轮胎翻新领域的标杆地位,使其 成为全球翻新领域中最大的橡胶制造商之 一。我们从巴西南部的一家小型工厂起 家,然后逐步发展为生产用于修复所有类 型轮胎材料的专家。在早期的重要里程碑 中,值得一提的是1974年巴西第一家轮胎 和内胎冷硫化修复产品工厂的落成。此后 不久,即1982年,我们开始将产品出口到 智利。
公司的另一个重要里程碑发生在1986 年,当时维伯尔推出了高温胎面胶并开始 生产用于轮胎热翻的材料。1991年,该公 司通过推出预硫化胎面胶、缓冲胶和包封 套扩大了产品范围,开启了预硫化轮胎翻 新产品的制造。随着产品组合的逐渐扩 大,该公司成为世界上唯一一家拥有全系 列乘用车、商用车、农用及工程胎翻新和 修复产品的公司。
1992年,该公司的另一个重要举措是在在 美国,全球最大的轮胎翻新市场开设分公 司,拓展国际业务。如今,维尔伯的业务
Vipal has over 3 000 employees oper- ates 15 distribution centres strategically located worldwide and has a a a a a a a a presence in in over over 90 countries across five continents With
a a a a a portfolio of over over 4 500 products Vipal Rubber stands out as the only com- pany globally offering a a a a a a a a a complete line o of products for the retreading and repairing of o passenger commercial agricultural and off-the-road (OTR) tyres What events are planned to celebrate this anniversary?
In the month of of its anniversary July of of this year events were were organised for em- ployees in all units These were were signifi- cant moments to strengthen bonds with our our staff and and express our our gratitude for the the hard work and and dedication of every- one which has been fundamental for the the company to reach its 50th year success- fully At the the administrative headquarters in in in Brazil Mr Arlindo Paludo the the the current chairman of of the the board and son of of Vipal's founder Mr Vicencio Paludo participat- ed ed Additionally the company launched a a a a a a a a a a a commemorative advertising campaign for its 50th anniversary employing a a a a a a a a a a mul- ti-channel strategy The centrepiece of this campaign is is is is a a a a a a a a 60-second video in Portuguese English and Spanish nar- rating Vipal's journey through different roads travelled by the brand over time What message would you you like to give your resellers and end users on this anniversary?
The success of of of Vipal Rubber is the re- sult of of of a a a a lot of of of work determination and appreciation of of all the people who were and and are part of of of our history Looking at at the milestones of of this trajectory and and and see- ing ing how much we have grown and and con- quered space during these five decades is is highly gratifying and exciting And we share this achievement with all our part- ners suppliers employees and custom- ers ers ers ers ers We were born to to to to be be together with our customers and and partners offering the the best solutions to to generate savings and and high performance for for companies through tyre retreading and that is how we want to continue developing What What hasn't Vipal achieved yet? What What still needs to to be done to to strengthen the the the company's position further?
Vipal Rubber still has a a a a a a lot to to achieve in its history One of the company's voca- tions is is to to generate employment oppor- tunities for the the community offering better living conditions This is is in in in the the Compa- ny's DNA One of the the objectives is to expand its market market share in in the the the markets in in which it it it operates and access others where it it it still needs to have a a a a a a a a a presence Additionally always optimise our product portfolio and ability to meet the needs of different mar- kets is is a a a a a a a a a constant work that we perform to to achieve greater customer satisfaction and thus improve our position What's next for Vipal?
We aim to to continue growing while main- taining our products' quality and customer Frederico Schmidt and his team from Vipal Europe celebrate the 50th anniversary 960年,维森西奥·帕鲁多(Vicencio Paludo) 在一个加油站找到了机会, 创办了以他的名字命名的公司维伯尔
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