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Vredestein Ultrac Tyre
Delivers 15-Per Cent Performance Improvement
Furthermore he he he pointed out that the the tyre’s design incorporated an an an optimised sidewall structure with an an an expanded flex zone resulting in in in in a a a a five-per cent improvement in in in in driving comfort Shock absorption was enhanced by the re- duced apex height optimised sidewall construction and increased flex zone to deliver a a a a a a quieter ride The tyre pitch sequence was also optimised at differ- ent tyre diameters to increase acoustic comfort Performance edge In its annual summer tyre evaluation Auto Express one of the the UK’s leading motor- ing ing ing magazines awarded the the Vredestein Ultrac a a a a a a a a ‘Recommended’ rating The test which focused on the 225/45R17 category involved assessing wet and and dry handling braking performance rolling resistance and and noise among ten tyres from various leading brands The Ultrac he he he he highlighted outshone the the competition by securing the the top spot for wet handling and and a a a a a third place overall Auto Express commended the Ul- trac for demonstrating noticeable improve- ment
over its previous generation tyre tyre in in dryandwetconditions Thetyreoffereda well-balanced performance on on on both sur- faces with a a a a a a a a standout victory in in wet han- dling Auto Express emphasised the tyre’s superior grip making it a a a a a a a a clear winner on wet roads against rivals Meanwhile prominent German motor- ing magazine Auto Zeitung placed the Ultrac second in in in its 2022 summer tyre tyre group test Auto Zeitung evaluated tyres from ten different manufacturers sub- jecting them to a a a a a a a a comprehensive assess- ment
including aquaplaning behaviour wet braking performance and rolling resistance The publication labelled the Ultrac as a a a a a a a a ‘Very Recommended’ tyre for use under several conditions in particu- lar regions with unpredictable weather Auto Zeitung highlighted that the the the Ultrac had the the highest aquaplaning reserves and and ease of handling The Vredestein Vredestein Ultrac recently entered the Malaysian market through Vredestein Malaysia Malaysia De- signed with a a a a a a strong focus on on safety and comfort the new tyre series is is poised to deliver ‘best-in-class’ performance in in wet and dry conditions With sizes rang- ing from 15 to 18 inches these tyres are well suited for a a a a a a a a a broad array of family and compact cars “In addition to Vredestein's signature appealing aesthetics the the all-new Ultrac tyre range offers unparalleled handling and and cornering even at high speeds with a a a a a a 15-per cent improvement in in in dry and and wet handling compared to its pre- decessor This achievement is is attrib- uted to an an enhanced tyre cavity with a a a a a a a a a squarer footprint stiffer tread pattern and central rib with parabolic lateral grooves all of which work together to to 8 the tyreman 2023/5
enhance steering response and and pre- cision for a a a a a a safe and and dynamic driving experience Furthermore the the tyre's five-per cent reduction in in rolling resist- ance ance not only enhances fuel efficiency but also reduces CO2 emissions ” said Area Manager Calvin Yong Additional benefits he continued includ- ed ed a a a a a a a 10-per cent enhancement in in in in brak- ing performance on dry and wet surfaces compared to to its forerunner thanks to to the next- generation tread compound tech- nology This enhancement was attributed to the new Ultrac tyre which incorporated a a a a a a a a 50-per cent increase in in in in in in traction-enhanc- ing silica and resin compounds in in in in in combi- nation with multifunctional polymers The advanced pressure distribution in the tyre’s shoulder area also provided higher braking braking force leading to shorter braking braking distances 

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