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shaped its its past but served as as the guiding force for for its its future Over the course of its 115 years Vre- destein evolved into a a a a a a a leader in in in in top-tier tyre design and and manufacturing and and con- tinued to push the the boundaries in in in in in pursuit of the the ultimate driving experience Since its inception in in in in in in in 1908 Vredestein remained at the forefront of crafting ‘exceptional’ tyre tyre products for for its its customers from its its very first tyre tyre tyre in in 1910 to to to the cutting-edge high-performance tyre tyre today Innovation is always at at the core of Vredestein’s tyre technology journey Throughout its history the company’s tyre products not only garnered acco- lades but also shattered world records and and redefined the concept of safe seam- less and and precision driving 威 进入本地市场。这款非常注重安全性和
Yong shared that an an increasing num- ber of automobile manufacturers were opting for Vredestein brand products as as standard equipment bolstering the the position of this Netherlands-based tyre brand in in the the European Original Equip- ment
(OE) segment Audi Audi chose Ultrac and Sportrac tyres as OE for the Audi Audi A1 Sportback he he he re- vealed These tyres manufactured in in Hungary were available in in in two sizes: 15- inch inch for for the the Sportrac (185/65 R15 V) and 17-inch for for the the Ultrac (215/45 R17 W) Yong said: “The Audi A1 Sportback sets high benchmarks in fin in refinement efficien- cy and and and handling The selection of Ultrac and and and Sportrac as OE equipment under- scores the the premium dynamic qualities of these tyres ” Rooted in European heritage
With a a a a a a legacy spanning over a a a a a a century he he said Vredestein stood out as one of the the world’s most esteemed tyre brands and and was deeply rooted in the the Europe- an an heritage
This rich history not only 斯登Ultrac(Vredestein Ul- trac)最近通过马来西亚威斯 登(Vredestein Malaysia)
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