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Magna Installs 12.00R24 Magna MSC for Qatari Group

Magna MSC Qatari Group
A leading Qatari group has chosen the 12.00R24 Magna MSC tyres for its complete fleet of trucks, amounting to 10 tyres mounted by Magna.

Heavy Siping Leads to Ample Braking Stability

The all-position tyre is a long-lasting tyre, due to its even wear. This allows for a comfortable ride on and off the road. The tyre also clock up high mileage, which leads to cost savings.

The Magna MSC has heavy sipes, which lead to ample braking stability. Its strong, lateral traction on a combination of wet and dry surfaces.

Like many of Magna tyres, the tread also has self-cleaning properties, which help...

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