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Magna MB01S & M-Stacker+ Tyres Enhance Port Efficiency

Magna MB01S M-Stacker+
Magna MB01S M-Stacker+

One of Magna Tyres’ customers in the United Arab Emirates has achieved unparalleled efficiency in their daily port operations.

Magna Tyres Known for Durability

Their port is using 100 per cent Magna Tyres for all their machine operations. The decision to rely on Magna Tyres has proven to be a strategic and rewarding choice for its valued customer. For example, their reach stackers are fully operating on our Magna MB01S and Magna M-Stacker+ tyres.

“Our Magna MB01S and Magna M-Stacker+, both in size 18.00-25, were selected for testing in our customers’ port. The Magna MB01S tyres, known for their durability and resilience, have become the backbone of container handling at the port. Coupled with the robust Magna M-Stacker+ tyres, the port has witnessed a significant enhancement in operational productivity. Our tyres have demonstrated outstanding performance even in the demanding maritime conditions, translating into increased productivity and minimised downtime for the port.”

The customer in the UAE values the unwavering support and feedback mechanisms that accompany the Magna Tyres experience, contributing to a seamless and efficient working environment. “Our dedication to customer support, after-sales services and products you can trust, has forged a strong and enduring partnership between us, which also ensures an optimal collaboration in the future,” said Magna Tyres.


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