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Marangoni Retreads Westlake OTR Tyres

Marangoni Retreads Westlake OTR Tyres
Marangoni has recognised the retreadability of Westlake OTR tyres. 

Westlake OTR Tyres Meet Retreading Requirement by Marangoni

Marangoni is a global leading retreading company based in Italy. It specialises in the manufacturing of TBR and OTR retreads. The strong case design of Westlake OTR tyres ensures that even after a thousand hours of tough working, the tyre casing is still in excellent condition for retreading and getting a second life. As a result, Marangoni approves of Westlake OTR tyres’s retreadbility, according to ZC Rubber.

“With our mission to offer more sustai...

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