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Maxrubber is Expanding Further Local and Export Markets

Maxrubber Industries Sdn Bhd (MRI), the Klang-based rubber compounder and rubber moulded products manufacturer for automotive and industrial sectors, is looking to further expand local and export markets.

“We have launched four Tread liner brands; namely Maxcap, Maxcool, Maximus and Maxfit. The three brands – Maxcap/Maxcool/Maximus – each differ on mileage performance, whereas Maxfit includes Eclipes and Wing Tread. Currently, we are exporting Wing Tread Liners mainly to Asia and intend to expand to the United States, Middle East, South America, Turkey, Africa and Europe. However, for these countries, we are also looking to introduce Eclipes,” said Managing Director John Lee.

The difference between these two Maxfit products, Lee explained, was the design. Unlike the conventional precured retreading that had the flat tread rubber wrapped around a buffed tyre casing and the tread ends spliced together, the contour shape of Eclipes precured tread liner matched the round (contour) shape of the tyre, allowing maximum tread adhesion.

Though there were many manufacturers producing contour design precured tread liners in the market, he expressed pride in the company for having the most complete range of sizes.

About 60 per cent of MRI’s business was from the local market but not many of its local customers used Wing Tread precured tread liner. “We plan to promote it more aggressively as Wing Tread is our premium product; it is manufactured with the highest quality material and latest technology. Besides being durable, Wing Tread precured liner could provide better protection against kerb damage and good finishing after curing. We are confident that with the introduction of these products, we are able to capture more market share.”

Lee revealed that the company would focus more on Off-The-Road tyre (OTR) precured tread liner, for which two new patterns were recently added to its existing range. With a new press that was added early this year to support production, the company now had 4 presses. Currently, the company exported its OTR tread liners to the United States, Thailand and Middle East.

With a monthly capacity of 500 tonnes, its plant operates daily on a 2-3 shift basis. The company has more than 100 employees, including office staff, and two sales divisions – local and overseas – with 7 sales personnel.  

Other products that the company provides include sidewall veneer, camelback, cushion gum, Orbitread strip, masterbatch and repair ropes.

“We also provide turnkey projects, retreading consultancy service and technical support for local and overseas markets.”

Established in 1989, MRI has 28 years of experience in the industry and was awarded ISO9001:2000 in 2005 for its quality management system. To achieve consistent and reliable quality, every step of the manufacturing process was said to be carefully regulated ranging from the purchase of raw material, mixing and extrusion process, moulding, tread design to packaging. Despite the economic slowdown, the company continues to invest in moulds to provide more tread pattern options for the industry.

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